Coffee Shops Off the Beaten Path in New York City

Coffee shops are a great way to take in the true feel of New York City. Coffee shops allow you a chance to sit down, rejuvenate, and people watch all at the same time. New York City is full of great coffee shops, but here are a few of my favorites. They have something to offer everyone and definitely offer up a unique New York City feel.

The Grey Dog’s CafÃ?© is a great local New York City coffee bar with an old world country charming atmosphere. I was truly surprised to stumble into this quaint and friendly coffee shop. The air inside The Grey Dog’s CafÃ?© is relaxed and completely different than the bustling cit if New York. They are located at 33 Carmine Street, New York, New York, 10014, but you will swear you are somewhere in the countryside. The staff is friendly and young. The Grey Dog’s CafÃ?© serves up the usual lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, and espresso you might expect. In addition to a full menu of coffees they also have a large selection of beers and wines. This is a great menu if you are visiting The Grey Dog’s CafÃ?© with a group and there are different beverage preferences for the evening. In addition to the coffees and beverages, they also serve up a nice sized breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. For those of you out on a budget try visiting during happy hours. It lasts from 3pm to 7pn Monday through Friday and the beers are only $3. A cold beer in New York City will usually run you about $7.50.

Over in Brooklyn you should check out St. Helens CafÃ?©. They are located at 150 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11211. For a step off the beaten tourist path you couldn’t ask for more. After all there are many sides to New York City. The menu is full of specialty coffee drinks, hot teas, cold teas, and more. The smell of coffee at St. Helens CafÃ?© is truly amazing. You can smell it as you walk down the block. Twenty and thirty something crowd into this hip local hot spot, so getting a seat can be a little tricky. If you are by yourself try joining another lone coffee drinker. You can avoid awkward or unwanted conversation by grabbing one of the many national newspapers offered at St. Helens CafÃ?©. Just like The Grey Dog’s CafÃ?©, St. Hens serves up a menu of beer and wine by the glass. If you have a sweet tooth check out their fresh baked goods.

Mocha Lounge says it all in their name. For a coffee lover like myself I was definitely intrigued by their name. Fortunately I was not let down. Mocha Lounge is a vividly colorful espresso and coffee bar on steroids. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner make Mocha Lounge a great place for a quick bite to eat with your cappuccino. They have a nice breakfast menu that includes a selection of omelets that will have you stopping by every morning. Mocha Lounge is located at 78 Reade Street, New York, New York, 10007. They open early at 7am during the week and stay open until midnight. On Saturday and Sunday they open at 8am and stay open until midnight.

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