College Fees


Today’s college students have worked so hard to get where they are expecially if they have made it through to a top-notch university. As parents, did you not promise and push “If you get in we will find a way to pay!”. Well my son got in and he went to the one that he worked for and boy have we been paying ever since. I keep telling myself “its all good and everything will turn out great in the longrun”. I remind myself that it is only two years to go and then perhaps a Master’s degree …what’s three years?

So, the dreaded phone call the other day. Please remember that at this stage I am paying for fees, for a roof over his head (and he has standards…lol), a brand new top-of-the-range computer for study purposes, an ipod, books, leisure, clothes…oh! the list is endless. Back to the phonecall; “Mum I need two thousand dollars in order to put a deposit onto a house …. a HOUSE. Yep….and not to buy just for a rental deposit. Another mark on his side of the slate.

My answer to all of these phonecalls is to ignore them for a little while and I have become pretty darn good at texting recently. Maybe I do feel a little bit guilty about everything going to voicemail however, Mum has to live too.

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