Colonial Wall Art Project: Eggs Sign

Real colonial wall art can be rather expensive, but you really can make yoru own primitive signs and wall art on a budget over the weekend. All of the materials for this primitive Colonial sign can be bought at the local craft store or home improvement store.

Try making a few of these Colonial signs at the same time and you can use these as gifs for friends and family at Christmas. You can also make these Primitive signs and art on a very small scale and use them as ornaments on a Colonial inspired Christmas tree.

To Make a Colonial Wall Art Sign You Will Need:



Pickle stain or gray wood stain

Black or blue paint


Sand paper

The first step is to buy yoru 1X4 pine boards. Have these cut to about 10 to 14 inches long. You really can make these any size you want.

Now, if you want you can let these boards sit out in the rain and sun for a few months an age aurally. The pine wood will warp a little, but turn a faded gray if you do not buy a pressure treated lumber.

If you do not have a few months ot wait, then you can use a wood stain to go ahead and age yoru wood.

If you are using the wood stain route you wan to check out yoru local hardware store for a gray wood stain. This will look like gray wood on the sample. A nice white stained would also work. If you can find a white stain and then add a little touch of a dark walnut stain to make it creamier or antique looking that is even better. A pickling stain will also work.

Now, use a paint brush ot liberally apply whichever wood stain you choose with a nice wide brush. Paint the stain on following the wood grain on your wood boards.

This is the proper way to stain wood. Now, let the wood stain dry.

Drag a piece of steel wood across the dried wood. Do this again in the direction of the wood grain. Press hard into the wood to really scratch the rustic sign to age it.

You can also use sand paper to drag across the wood sign to age it as well.

Now, reapply a coat of the gray or antique white colored wood stain and let it dry.

You can also dip a paint brush in the dark wood stain and splatter this on the sign.

Now, once all the staining has dried on yoru Colonial sign you are ready to paint the word on it. Most antique Colonial signs have words like eggs, chickens, or other wares that would have been sold then.

So, use a nice sized 1 inch paint brush and dip it into a dark black, royal blue, or gray paint. Pain the letters of the words on in straightforward letters. You can use all capitols so only capitalize the first letter.

Let this paint dry.

Now, use that wood stain one more time and paint it on over the wood again. This will age the lettering on the colonial sign and add a few more years to the age of yoru rustic food sign!

Now, pre drill a hole in the top left and top right of the colonial wood sign. Use some wire to hang your rustic sign on the wall in your kitchen or even the bathroom.

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