Running and spinning, in this world wrapped in grey;
While diving deeper, into dismay;
Drenched in blue, from pouring rain;
That fell from eyes, drowning deep in pain;
Splattered with the red, of life still the same;
Bleeding from those worlds, that never became;
Below looming black clouds, which never go away;
The ghosts of our past, here to stay;
Speak out, scream out, shout with all your might;
To color this dark world, oh so bright;
Paint it yellow, with happy times;
Those memories, that always shine prime;
Cover it in pink, from the love you’ve seen;
So sweet and gentle, never mean;
Move the mountains, that block out the sun;
For a new day, has begun;
Light up, the streaming blue rain;
That once poured, from eyes in pain;
Make it glisten, make it gleam;
With tears of joy, from fulfilled dreams;
Wash away, the red blood still the same;
With courage to make, a change unashamed;
Light up the black clouds, with the future before us;
Push the ghosts away, behind us;
You color the world with everything you do and say;
So color it bright, make it change�

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