The Parthenon and the Arch of Constantine: A Short Comparative Look

The Parthenon The Parthenon is considered one of the most beautiful pieces of Architecture known to man, originally created as a temple for the Greek Goddess Athena; the brilliant design truly illustrates the illustrious and powerful nature of the Goddess of Wisdom. The Parthenon is constructed of pentelic marble and stands at 111Ã?Â?237 ft. Each Column has carved straight lines and each line is equally spaced. The Color of the marble is that of a slate gray.

There are carved marble stairs located around the building that lead up to the columns and ultimately the center of the building as if leading the way to heaven itself. The images carved into the upper part of the Parthenon are images that represent the struggle of man and the ever watchful and often times mischievous eye of the Greek Gods. The overall building aids in reinforcing Greek belies that Gods could walk among them which is why such a lavish temple was built in Athens Greece for Athena, not only for her part as the Goddess of Wisdom but also because she was noted as the Protector of Athens.

There are several sculptures on the Parthenon many of which are no longer in tact the ones that are in my opinion represent the beauty of man and the incomparable beauty and perfection of the Gods. The Arch of the Constantine The Arch of the Constantine is truly an exceptional piece of Architecture.

The Building consists of Triumphal Archways they were built to commemorate Emperor Constantine the Greats assumption of power in 312. The structure is made of marble and there is one large Arch nestled between two small archways. The Carvings in the Structure seemingly are of the fight between Constantine and his rival Maxentius during the battle of Milvian Bridge.

The structure was created of out of tan colored marble There are four columns and on top of each one is a sculpture of a roman soldier. There are brown shades in the sculpture possibly form weathering that make the viewer focus more on the intricate carvings on the Arch. A Comparative Both Pieces are carefully crafted and are examples of Ancient Architecture.

The Parthenon and the Arch were both built as a tribute. Each building is made of marble and includes Doric Columns and lovely carved impressions on the stone. Both buildings also paint a picture of power, loyalty, wisdom and strength. Although Greek and Romans had different beliefs and principals they shared very similar viewpoints on the beauty of the human form, the power of large buildings, and the awesome power of there Gods.

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