How to Make an Action Movie

If you can think laterally and have the talent and passion for film making then you possess the spark needed to make an epic movie. However, talent and passion is not everything as you will have to be technically strong. The trouble will grow if you are aiming to make an action thriller.

You will have to cater to the pace of the story, filming and many other technical aspects. Moreover, you will have to work with a team so funding will be another challenge. However, you can manage everything by going in with a little bit of planning.


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    Determine the genre:

    First of all, you should decide the direction you want to take. Films about underworld crimes, racing, killing, detective work fall in the category of action films so you must be clear about the type of movie you want to make. If you are confused then study the market and determine what type of movies are making serious money. This will help you a lot in deciding the genre of your film.

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    Make a story:

    Your next step should be to conceive a story. Be open for all the possibilities as an idea can come from anywhere. It can be a character, an incident or a phenomenon. Knit the events in a sequence that they form a nail-biting saga. Remember, suspense and thrill is the two main elements of an action movie so do not forget to add them in your story.

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    Complete the script:

    Now, when you are done with your homework, it’s time to write the final draft of your script. Build supporting characters; keep the story running with the help of the character’s actions and reactions, write dialogues, decide on the screenplay and then review the script for final adjustments.

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    Pre production work:

    After completing the script, you will have to do some pre production work. This stage includes casting and production scheduling. You will also decide locations of your film in this pre production stage. Keep the term “break the script” in mind as you will have to arrange each and everything by reviewing the script scene by scene.

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    Start shooting:

    Finally, you are good to call the shots. However, make sure you are using top quality cameras otherwise the result will ruin your efforts. You cannot handle everything alone so it is better to hire a technical crew. Keep shooting according to the production schedule and try to pack up ahead of time.

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    Post production work:

    Uou will have to give special attention to post production work as modern editing techniques have taken film making to the next level.

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