How to become a professional actor/actress and follow the correct path

Pursuing the path of acting is only going to cause a lot of trouble if you don’t know how exactly you should prepare for it. You must understand that there is a lot of competition when it comes to acting as there are several talented actors and actresses who have been practicing since a long time and are trying to find a way into the film industry. It might sound easy to you if you already know acting, but acting is not the only thing that you should be mindful of. In order to become a successful actor/actress, you require a lot of patience as you will not receive a big break until it’s time. Finding work can be a huge challenge too. If you want to be an actor/actress who everyone will like, for that you will require a lot of commitment.


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    You must first decide whether you want to pursue acting as a profession or do you want to do it as a side business. If you want to be an amateur then you must not read any further. However, in case you want to pursue acting as a profession, read on…

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    You must first move to a major city. New York and Los Angeles are considered to be the home of opportunities for actors and actresses. However, you will have to build your resume and since these two cities have a lot of competition, you will have to work in quality theatres or film communities of other cities which will give you the opportunity to do so.

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    In order to learn acting, you must first enrol yourself into an acting class. There are certain actors who have spent their lives studying about theatres and films. Always ask professionals for the best acting classes so they can refer you into them.

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    Get yourself a headshot, which is necessary to build your resume.

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    Now start building your resume. This will take a lot of days since the perfect resume will require you to modify a lot of things about yourself. Keep growing as a professional and keep dropping immature work from your resume.

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    Look for good casting directors and once you have built your resume and you seem satisfied, send your headshot along with the resume so they can see what you are capable of. Do send postcards after every four to six months so you can keep updating them about your acting projects which you have been working on.

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    Make sure that you are reading the trade papers on a regular basis. There are several publications such as “Variety” that can help you growing yourself as a professional.

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    If there are industry events and parties, never say no to them.

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    Continue striving hard to get a chance in the industry.

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