How to Use Blues Riffs in Live Music

When you are playing life music, playing blues is not always the thing that would capture the attention of the crowd, but it is definitely something that tones things down and will help you keep things calm. Mostly musicians with a good taste in music would always opt for blues music because it is extremely technical and sounds extremely soothing. All the famous guitarists in the world find it hard to play blues because it has a feel that no other genre of music has. Therefore, you should always opt for playing blues whenever you are going on live, because it is technical and brings out the real artist in you.


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    If you are trying to play blues in live music, you should definitely know what sort of distortion you should use. Not everyone can play the blues perfectly; hence you should know what you should opt for. Always make sure that you are using the correct distortion and your gain is set low because a higher distortion will not help you play the type of blues you want.

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    Now once you are done with setting the correct distortion, you should opt for a better tone on your guitar. The three tone buttons on your guitar should be set to middle and the treble should be set high. That will allow you to make the presence of your strings a lot higher than the rhythm guitarists playing behind you. That way you can definitely make your guitar sound good.

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    Whenever you are playing blues, you should remember that you can never go out of tone. Always remain in rhythm and sweeping is not the only way out. Speed is not the only thing that you need in order to play blues; therefore, you should always keep the feel intact. And always make sure that you are using the correct notations throughout the solo.

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    Moreover, make sure that you bend your strings perfectly. Bending really helps you get the blues on the high. Make sure that the solos you are playing involve bending and pull-offs. They really help you play the blues perfectly. These bends, if they are in the correct tone, are the best way to show the world that you know about the blues.

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    If you are trying to add a little more feel, make sure that the drummer is putting in his own renditions and is not only going with the usual rhythm.

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