Ten Blogs About Theater: Good Sources of Info on Broadway and Beyond

Looking to learn about theater, what’s going on with shows playing along the great white way, off Broadway, or off-off Broadway? If you’re like me and know nothing about theater, you might find information on some high quality blogs dealing with the subject. Some theater blogs cover show reviews, others have gossip and news about upcoming shows. Here’s a list of ten blogs about theater that novice theater goes might find useful.

Broadway Pulse (http://www.broadwayworld.com/pulse/) This blog, written by Robert Diamond is connected to the website Diamond edits, Broadway World, a very large Broadway news site. Interesting blog postings include answers from theater stars to the question “what’s on your ipod” and invitations to enter other Q&A sessions with some pretty big names. You can also read reviews and learn more about upcoming shows.

Cues: a backstage theater blog (http://backstage.blogs.com/cues/)
This blog is connected to the famous publication Back Stage. The blog has articles by different contributors and categories for Broadway, off-Broadway and different genres like cabaret and comedy. The Broadway section has cool news on upcoming Broadway shows.

Blogway Baby (http://www.blogwaybaby.com/) The blogmaster here posts news and personal accounts all about musicals not only on Broadway but all around. Sidebars include song lists, historical notes and links. Very colorful, lots of facts and factoids.

42nd St Moon Blog (http://42ndstmoon.blogspot.com/) This blog is dedicated to the spirit of the American Musical theater. It’s goal is to “give you a backstage glimpse at the theatre and all of its activities.” It discusses its own productions and other popular shows.

The Wicked Stage (http://thewickedstage.blogspot.com/) No, this isn’t about the musical Wicked. This is the blog of Back Stage West founding editor Rob Kendt. Postings include news, reviews and reflections on things involving theater

Applied And Interactive Theater Blog (http://www.tonisant.com/aitg/blog/)
You’ll have to process this one for a bit. It’s intended audience is “those who use theatre techniques for other or more than arts or entertainment purposes, and for those whose theatre styles incorporate other than traditional presentation styles.” It seems like its postings deal with how theater is used for social justice purposes and that kind of more than art for art’s sake stuff.

Steppenwolf Theater Company Blog (http://www.steppenwolf.org/ensemble/)
Have you heard of the Steppenwolf Theater company? If not, you have probably heard of actors John Malcovich, Gary Sinese, or Joan Allen. Or how ’bout Martha Plimpton, Frasier’s John Mahoney or Laurie Metcalfe from Roseanne? They all are members of the Steppenwolf Theater Company, which is located in Chicago and considered one of the very best in the country. This blog has postings about upcoming events, reflections by different Steppenwolf Company members. There are also links to find out more about the people in the company. A good blog for people interested in learning more about the goings on with this prestigious theater.

Jersey Boys Blog (http://jerseyboysblog.com/) Winner of the 2006 Tony for best musical, Jersey Boys has its own blog. Here you can read about the cast, crew, cd, past reviews, as well as blog postings on recent news on the show, interviews with crew and cast plus check out a gallery of assorted JB pictures. Lots of stuff to check out.

College Theater News (http://www.collegetheatrenews.com/2006/05/stealing_funds_from_the_theate.php) The theme of this blog seems a little self evident. It’s connected to the publication “College Theater News”. It also includes links for casting calls and articles about college theater.

Theatre First Blog (http://www.theatrefirst.com/?p=18)
This is the official blog for Theatre First, “Oakland’s Professional Theatre”. The company is interested in bringing “the finest” works to the East Bay area and emphasizes diversity. The blog looks mainly like a website where you can find information about the theater’s history and upcoming productions. Like Steppenwolf, this is just one of many blogs found by specific theatre companies around the country.

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