Play Text Twist Game Free Online

Is your brain up for the Text Twist challenge?

If I asked you, “How many words can you come up with, off the top of your head?” I’ll bet you’d say “a lot,” wouldn’t you?

Well then, it’s high time you wrapped your brain around the totally twisted computer game where you make words from a set of random letters.

The Text Twist Game is education in disguise

Is this game addictive? Oh yeah. Entertaining? You betcha. Challenging? Yup. But you can also brush up on your spelling while having a great time, which makes it an ideal game for all ages.

Kids and foreign exchange students can improve their spelling (and probably don’t even realize it!) while writers and language buffs can exercise their word-recall skills.

Who would’ve thought a word game could be such fun?

The Text Twist Game is easy to play

You just click on letters to form a word, then click ENTER. If the word is in the game’s dictionary, it shows up on the left of your screen. There are usually quite a few three, four and five letter words, and at least one six letter word.

If you get stuck, click the TWIST button. This rearranges the letters and helps your eyes (and brain) to see new words. There’s no point penalty, so twist away!

Sometimes you even get lucky-twisting will form a word for you!

Helpful hints for playing Text Twist

You must get a six letter word to advance to the next round. In other words, if your brain doesn’t cough up at least one word that uses all six letters, you’re toast, i.e., game over. So focus on getting that word first, and then you can work on shorter words.

The game’s dictionary is a bit lame, with some bizarre inconsistencies. Don’t sweat it, move on to finding the words they DO have.

The Text Twist Game is for one player, so if you lose, you can’t blame it on someone else, but you CAN berate your brain for not giving you the words you just know are rattling around in there.

Play the Text Twist Game online for free

Or, if you haven’t sprung for high-speed internet yet, download the game to your computer. That way, your phone line is freed up so you can use it for what Mr. Bell originally intended.

Downloading the Text Twist Game lets you play offline for as long as you like, with no annoying ad banners. Downloading takes only a few minutes, even with a traditional modem.

Be sure to have spyware and virus protection programs installed. Two free ones are AdAware for spyware and AVG by Gri-soft for viruses. You can buy spyware and virus software at electronics store, but why spend money when you can get reliable programs for free?

What could be better than the Text Twist Game? Super Text Twist!

If the original Text Twist Game isn’t enough to make you go totally bonkers for word games, try Super Test Twist. It’s played the same, except you can form words up to seven letters long, you get an extra thirty seconds for each round, and there are 50% more words than the original Text Twist Game.

You can also save your high scores and link to online word definitions to improve your vocabulary as you play.

Want one more exciting cerebral challenge?

Another word game that’s just as addicting as Text Twist is WHAT WORD. You switch letters on a grid to form as many words as you can before the timer runs out. Using starred letters gets bonus points, and if you use two starred letters in one word, your score skyrockets!

When rearranging the letters, you might set off a chain reaction, i.e., you might form several words at once. This is good because you get more points, but bad if you were saving a starred letter to use on another word.

So go on, take a break and exercise your brain at the same time. With three great word games you can play anytime, you’ll never say “I’m bored” again!

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