How to Hire a Mariachi Band

No party is complete without music. While having proper food, and the seating and aesthetic arrangements in place is important, the desired ambiance will not be created unless the right kind of music is being played in the background.

Different kinds of occasions have different musical requirements, with some parties requiring a relatively fast-paced and upbeat music, while others need slightly softer music.

A Mariachi band is a popular choice when the occasion is a fiesta, a wedding, or a Cinco de Mayo celebration. If you have heard a Mariachi band play and are interested in having them contribute to the entertainment at your party, then you will need to know how to select the right band, contact them, and hire their services.


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    You can get the contact information of a Mariachi band from a music entertainment company. Bands and musical groups are in constant touch with entertainment companies that specialise in music, as the latter shoulder the responsibility of handling the booking arrangements. If you have trouble locating or getting in contact with an entertainment company, you can contact event planners instead, as they too deal with musical groups regularly and therefore would surely have the contact information you require. They will also be able to guide you to select the Mariachi band that best meets your requirement.

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    You can try asking your family members or friends if they know of a good Mariachi band. They may have been to a party or wedding where a Mariachi band had been playing. If they can recall such an occasion, then they may be able to help you out by calling the person whose party or wedding they attended, and getting that band’s number from them.

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    Once you obtained the contact information of a Mariachi band or two, get in touch with them and request them to provide you with a sample CD, so that you can get an idea about how they play. You can also ask them to share a list of their music with you and inquire about whether they have a website from where you can download a sample of their music.

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    Visit an event where the band that you are considering hiring for your party is playing. This will be a perfect opportunity for you to find out how they play and how the guests react to their performance.

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    Once you are satisfied with a particular Mariachi band, enter into a formal contract with the band. Make sure the contract includes the details regarding the date and time of the event, the time duration for which the band is to play, the financial matters, etc.

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