Top Ten Songs by Matt Wertz

Top Ten Songs By Matt Wertz

The smooth sounds of Matt Wertz flow from his lips to your soul. His music cuts through the hectic pace of modern life to bring a refreshing dose of calm and a feeling of contentment to an otherwise crazy day. Before long you find yourself lost in the acoustic rhythm of his guitar and lyrical sounds of life.

Originally planning to be a sneaker designer, Matt bought his first guitar as a freshman in college. It was there that the inspiration came for his first song writing ventures. Never intending for people to hear his music, Matt continued to write and play. On his website, , Matt explains, that “It was simply the natural outpouring of my heart”. The first opportunity to share his music came and from there one opportunity led to another. Before he knew it, he as touring and playing his music for the masses.

With his fourth album debuting this month, Matt finds himself on the road more than ever. He will be traveling with another fabulous group, Jars of Clay, this fall. Check out the “shows” on his website to see if they will be coming to a city near you. You will find Matt Wertz to be both friendly and down to earth. If you were to ask him, he would tell you he is just one of the guys. And unlike some artists, he really means it.

That “regular guy” kind of sentiment comes through the songs that Matt sings. He is just putting to music situations and experiences that we have all had. People enjoy songs about real life, it’s where we all live and work and play. We face situations where we need to say “I’m Sorry” (Today & Tomorrow Album, 2005), and “Everything’s Right” (Twenty Three Places Album, 2003). We have break-ups, and lonely nights. The music is a part of the fabric of our lives.

Choosing the top 10 songs from the albums is a challenge. Each song has it’s own feel and each album has it’s own direction. Never the less, some songs do stand out. They resonate somewhere between heart and soul. Each with it’s own message, you once again find yourself lost in the music. If you have felt the same way as the artist, you drift back to that situation and walk through the lyrics in your mind. If you haven’t experienced the message for yourself, you instinctively put yourself in his shoes. Or perhaps, the song came from the experience of a friend or fan, and together you acknowledge the emotions of someone you don’t even know.

So here they are: The Top Ten Songs By Matt Wertz, in no particular order�

1. Like The Last Time (Today & Tomorrow Album, 2005)

2. Everything’s Right (Twenty Three Places Album, 2003)

3. Carolina (Everything In Between, 2006)

4. The Way I Feel (Everything In Between, 2006)

5. Marianne (Twenty Three Places Album, 2003)

6. With You Tonight (Everything In Between, 2006)

7. Red Meets Blue (Twenty Three Places Album, 2003)

8. I’m Sorry, Mary (Today & Tomorrow Album, 2005)

9. Heartbreaker (Everything In Between, 2006)

10. Sweetness in Starlight (Twenty Three Places Album, 2003)

Keep your eyes open for the latest Album, Everything In Between, due to hit stores September 19th. You can catch a preview on the Official Website, You can also go to the online store and hear many of the songs listed in the top ten. Click on the album you want to hear and you will see which ones have a link to click and listen. You will also be able to hear “Everything’s Right.” This song was featured several times in the recent movie, “My Super Ex-Girlfriend.” It is getting play all over the place.

Enjoy the tunes and keep the music playing!

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