Employing Chinese Face Reading on Penelope Cruz: What Her Face Reveals

Chinese face reading is a method that has been recorded in ancient texts as a method to predict fortunes, evaluate personalities, and diagnose illnesses. It is still employed by traditional Chinese doctors to assist them in making a diagnosis. Face reading is not a strange phenomenon in western culture either; it is called physiognomy.

As a celebrity and movie star, Penelope Cruz has been in the limelight in the US and in her native Spain. Her face, while not as instantaneously recognizable as Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts, still contains the elements of her life that make up who she is and what her future holds. We can use candid and red carpet shots to decipher the luck and fortune contained in her facial features.

Often described as having the ‘sultry’ look, Penelope’s eyes also tell us something about her future relationship with her children. In her candid shots, she has very full bottom eyelids. This means she will have a very good relationship with her children. And if she were to have more than one child, there will be more boys than girls. However, the slight mole beneath her left eye indicates they are likely to be emotional. In particular, more worried about their children in the future.

In addition, her eye protrude a little, you can see a prominent curve of her eyes when they are not fully open. People with these eyes know what they like and what they don’t like. They can turn on the charm when it’s the right person.

And her eyebrows are longer than her eyes, which mean she has the sibling fortune, meaning it’s likely she has more than one. The thick and dark eyebrows also indicate she’s active, and likes to treat her friends well. However, the eyebrows govern over the trend of her luck when she’s 31 to 34, and the thick and dark characteristic means she will encounter some major disruptions in her life during that time, but if they can overcome it, it will turn out to be a blessing.

The bridge of her nose is straight, which means she tends to be truthful, and could easily offend others with her straight talk.

The lip crease leading from her nose to her mouth is short and not very prominent. This could indicate that she might have difficulty conceiving. She should pay more attention to her health to overcome it. Her mouth is also a bit wider than average. These people tend to leave home and explore outside of their familiar surroundings.

When we go back up to her ears one can see that they are lower than the eyes. This means that Penelope is practical, and she knows how to enjoy herself with it comes to material possessions. This comes from the fact that her childhood was a bit unstable, leaving her wanting for things that she could not have.

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