How to Make Celebrity Style Baby Announcements

One thing that many of us normal people love is watching and observing celebrities. It’s mostly women who are so fascinated with the lives of celebrity women, especially when it comes to pregnancy. One thing in particular that I found to be very interesting is how celebrities announce that they are pregnant. Most people just send out announcements when the baby is born, but announcing your pregnancy can be just as exciting. If you follow some very easy instructions you will be able to make some very celebrity looking pregnancy announcements of your own.

The first thing that you need to do is take several pregnancy photos. You should wait to do this until you have a little bit of a belly which is usually around four months for most women. This will mean that you have to keep it a secret for a while but it really does make for a fabulous surprise for all of your friends and family. When it comes to your photo you can choose to have it done by a professional or you can have your spouse take the photos. Since many women are now doing pregnancy pictures you should be able to find a studio in your area that specializes in this. One you have located a photographer take some time to think about what you want the picture to look like. If you look at some of the celebrity magazines like pregnancy, you will definitely find some issues with a few pregnant celebrities in it. You can then use some of their poses and backdrop’s as inspiration for your own.

Once you get your photo taken it is then time to construct your pregnancy announcement. Make sure that you have enough copies for all of the announcements that you want to send out. If you do not want to pay the expensive price for copies from the photographer you can just get the one set and then go to CVS or some other location and use their photo copying machine. They are really inexpensive and easy to use. When it comes to the announcements themselves, some pre made cards always work best. Or if you really want the celebrity feeling why not make your own one page newspaper featuring you. There are plenty of software programs that will enable you to do this and it really comes out looking fantastic.

You will need a scanner in order to do this on your own computer. If you do not have one then you can call some of your local photo shops to see if they offer these types of services. You can then write an exiting article about you being pregnant, and your expected due date. Then on top of the page insert your best baby photo. IF you will be doing several different poses for your pictures then you can make it a two page newspaper and have additional pictures of yourself on the inside. Keep in mind that the main idea is to be as different and exotic as possibly. If you want to make yourself feel like a celebrity then you need to really think like one.

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