The Family Guy Section of the Brain

Family Guy, a work of pure comedic genius by creator Seth MacFarlane. With its characters consisting of: Peter Griffin, a over-weight idiot of the highest order. Lois, his practical yet quirky wife who has all sorts of hidden vices. Chris, the eldest son of the Griffins whose weight is only surpassed by his capacity for irrational thought. Meg, the Griffin’s only daughter and whose sole purpose appears to be that of an emotional and at times physical punching bag for the world. Stewie, the cute and tyrannical Griffin baby with a football size head and a bloodthirsty desire to kill his own mother. And lastly Brian the Griffin dog with incredible manners a borderline alcoholic and can also talk! Family Guy has become a pop-culture phenomenon.

Ironically its DVD sales may have saved it from the FOX television graveyard. Originally canceled after the third season Family Guy should have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Until the release of its DVD box sets that is. Family Guy shattered records in DVD sales and Family Guy mania swept the nation. Soon not just the states but it seemed like the world was wrapped up in the ridiculously awesome hi-jinks of the Griffin family on their home DVD players. FOX easily seeing the handwriting on the wall decided quite intelligently to bring the Griffin’s back from the dead and now Family Guy enjoys an honored place at the forefront of the FOX networks ratings powerhouses.

Although not a Family Guy fan from the outset of the series I had to find out what all the fuss was about. So one day on one of my frequent trips to Borders: Books, CD’s and DVD’s I finally broke down and bought the first two seasons of the first Box set of the series. Now I have every box set made of the series encompassing every season thus far put on DVD. I now even own the Family Guy feature film called Stewie Griffin: the untold story. I could not help but buckle with laughter watching Stewie plotting to assassinate his own mother or watching Meg be called all manner of negative things from the cool kids in school. I recall one instance of Lois trying to feed Stewie in a high chair.

Apparently Stewie was not at all thrilled with the prospect of eating Broccoli when Lois crammed a chunk of it in his mouth he turned to her his eyes aghast and exclaimed “Who the hell do you think you are?” in his deliciously hilarious and unique British accent. From that point on I was hooked for life. Now I cannot imagine my life without a daily dosage of Family Guy. I highly recommend finding out for yourself how much funnier life can be with the Griffin’s in your home. One thing is certain Family Guy box DVD sets will provide the viewer with hours of laughter and entertainment well worth the monetary investment.

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