The Lost Film Festival : Should be as Recognized as Sundance or Cannes

The Lost Film Festival, in my opinion, should not be so “lost.” It should be as available as the other mainstream festivals like Sundance or Cannes. Scott showed us films that captured real film-making, real issues, and real people, things that actually matter in our world, as opposed to some fluffy teen movie with a happy flowers and rainbows ending.

For me, the Lost Film Fest was an eye-opener to how filtered and commercialized our society’s films are, and how people rarely even question what they are watching anymore. The Lost Film Fest offers an alternative to the mindless fabricated films that we view in the mainstream theaters. The films ran the gamut from comedic documentary to political protest film.

Along with the political films there were also comical films as well. The Sean Connery Golf Project was one of the funniest and most ironic things I have ever seen. I think that those people definitely had the right idea when trying to change the script and replace it. A lot of the films that we are shown today are completely lacking an original story, and for these a person to try to change it shows a lot of courage on their part. I am fed up with the movies that are being produced today as well, and if there were something like this that I could do I would have done it too.

The main topic of these films appeared to be political protest. The film that stood out in my mind was the peace rally in New York City. I had friends who attended this rally and I had heard stories of the police getting violent with the protesters. I did not know if I should believe them though because I know that there are two sides to every story and that if there were violence I probably would have heard about it on TV or in the papers. When Scott shows us the documentary footage on the rally I was in shock. I could not believe that the people who are supposed to be protecting the streets of New York were in fact the ones who were making it unsafe.

On of the major things that I noticed about the films that Scott showed us was that many of the topics of the films were rarely covered by the media. I had heard about the rally in NYC, but the media left out the fact that NYPD was pepper spraying and beating up the protesters. I think that the one of the most important things that I have learned from these films is that you can not always trust the information (or lack of) that you receive from the US media.

I think that it is very interesting that news media from other countries is so different from that of the US, it does not try to embellish the news and give a real report of what is going on in the world with out trying to subliminally sell fear to its viewers. Our information sources are fabricated to convey only the points of interest that they think will scare us or rally us in support of things that we really do not believe in.

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