Survivor Exile Island on CBS – April 20, 2006

After the survivors returned from Tribal Council, with Sally gone, Terry began feeling left out and his only hope was that the remaining survivors would turn against each other. However, Terry wasn’t the only survivor on Exile Island with problems. It turned out that Bruce struggled with a problem of his own, but Bruce’s problem didn’t relate to the game itself, his problem was medical. Bruce developed stomach pains, and he openly admitted to his tribe mates that the last time he went to the bathroom was just before the Panamanian Village Feast.

Reward Challenge this week was a nice treat. The winner and two guests (chosen by the winner) were flown by helicopter to a spa. At the spa the winner and the winner’s guests received a shower, beef, chicken and pork chops. In order to become the winner the survivors had to see how well they knew each other. Before the challenge began, each survivor had to fill out a questionnaire, then the results were tallied and the challenge begun. Each survivor had to answer questions based on whose name came up most often, and when a survivor got a correct answer, they got to chop one of three ropes assigned to each tribe mate. After a survivor got three chops the rope released a torch that sent their voodoo doll up in flames, and that survivor was out of the running for the reward.

The questions and the correct answers were:

1. Who does the least for the tribe? Correct answer, Danielle.
2. Who never shuts up? Correct answer, Courtney.
3. Who mistakenly believes they are running this game? Correct answer, Shane. Even I knew the correct answer to that one.
4. Who would you trust with your life? Correct answer, Cirie. Naturally. After all, Cirie is a nurse.
5. Who would you not trust to watch your back? Correct answer, Terry.
6. Who is the biggest poser? Correct answer, Courtney.
7. Who is the moodiest? Correct answer, Shane. Another obvious answer and it even showed during game play, because Shane did become very moody.
8. Who most easily succumbs to intimidation? Correct answer, Courtney.
9. Who is the most annoying person out here? Correct answer, Courtney.
10. Who would never survive on their own? Correct answer, Cirie. Personally, I would have said Danielle, because I hardly ever see Danielle do anything to help around camp. At least Cirie helps.

Cirie was the winner, and she chose to send Terry to Exile Island. In addition, Cirie chose Aras and Danielle to be her guests at the spa, and Shane threw a hissy fit. Not only did Shane throw a fit when Cirie didn’t choose him to be her guest, but he also threw a fit during the Reward Challenge. Boy, I can only imagine what kind of fit he would have thrown if Cherie had chosen to send him to Exile Island. By Shane’s actions I believe he’s what they call a “sore loser.” Shane even voiced that he thought him, Aras and Cirie were tight, but now he felt maybe they weren’t.

Back at the camp, Bruce’s pain worsened – he got to the point where he couldn’t stand any longer. Bruce went to lie down in the shelter, but the pain didn’t seem to easy up. While Bruce was doubled up on the ground in pain, Courtney tried to comfort him. Eventually Bruce asked for medical attention, and once the medics arrived they took a look at Bruce and determined that Bruce needed to go to a hospital. When the medic applied pressure to Bruce’s right side, Bruce hollered out in pain, but when the medic applied pressure to Bruce’s left side, Bruce done nothing. The medic said that he could not rule out appendicitis, and that is why he determined that Bruce needed to go to a hospital.

The medics asked for assistance from Courtney and Shane, because they needed help carrying Bruce out on the stretcher. Shane didn’t want to get his pants wet so he took them off and was totally nude while assisting the medics. Courtney on the other hand, she left her clothes on while she helped carry Bruce out on the stretcher to the boat. Courtney and Shane watched as the boat took off, and they hoped that Bruce was going to be alright. Shane even voiced that he hoped Bruce could return to play the game.

Meanwhile, while on Exile Island, Terry said being sent there gave him time to think more about his strategy. It didn’t surprise him that they had chose to send him to Exile Island, nor was it a surprise that he was the first one put out of the Reward Challenge. He knew the others were gunning against him, because he was the only one left from the ex-La Mina tribe.

Cirie, Aras and Danielle returned from their reward and found out about Bruce. Not only did Courtney briefly tell them about Bruce, but she gave them the cold shoulder; she was still pretty upset over her name coming up so much at the Reward Challenge. Not only did they return to bad news, but they also returned to find out that Shane was still furious at Cirie. But once Shane sat down to talk to Cirie it appeared that they had made up, and they were still going with their original alliance.

Both Jeff and Terry arrived by boat to the camp. Jeff asked the survivors to take a seat, and he explained to Terry what was going on with Bruce; Terry had no idea what had happened while he was on Exile Island. After explaining everything to Terry, Jeff told the survivors that Bruce’s condition was dire and that he was evacuated just in time. Jeff continued to tell them that Bruce was treated for a severe blockage in his colon and bladder. He also said that Bruce was recovering in a Panama City hospital, and that he would be unable to return to the game. However, Jeff did tell them that he hoped Bruce could return to be a member of the jury, but they had to wait on the Doctor’s approval first. In addition, because of Bruce’s medical emergency there was no Tribal Council this week.

I was relieved to hear Bruce was going to be okay. Even I thought, from my own experience in the medical field, that Bruce had Appendicitis. It’s a good thing he didn’t though, but the medical condition he did have was still a serious one.

Tune in to Survivor Exile Island on CBS next week and find out if Bruce returns to sit on the jury, and also find out if Terry will continue to fight hard to remain in the game. It should be exciting!

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