Survivor: Exile Island on CBS

Terry felt the effects of being an outsider when the ex-Casaya mates huddled together on the beach leaving him to go out with the spear gun in an effort to catch food for the tribe. And while Terry was off trying to provide for the tribe that he wasn’t a part of, Shane had found a piece of wood that he called his “blackberry,” and he pretended to communicate with the outside world. I agree with what Danielle said about Shane, “what a nut case!”

The tribe gathered with Jeff Probst to find out what their Reward Challenge would be, and in finding out they also learned of their reward – a barbeque feast with steak, sausage and much more.

During the Reward Challenge, Aras, Shane and Cirie got tangled up and fell way behind. Of course they didn’t get off to a good start to begin with, because Terry, Courtney and Danielle started off in the lead, and they kept their lead all the way to the end. Terry, Courtney and Danielle ended up being the clear winners of the reward challenge, and they chose to send Aras to Exile Island.

Before going to reward, Jeff announced that the three had to compete in a head to head challenge for an individual reward – a big one – a fully loaded 2007 GMC Yukon. Their challenge required them to fire marbles at three tiles using a slingshot, and the first person to break all three tiles would win the Yukon. Terry was the first person to break all three tiles, leaving him the proud owner of a brand-new GMC Yukon! I think Terry deserved it!

While Aras was banished to Exile Island, and Shane and Cirie went back to camp, Terry, Courtney and Danielle left on a plane to go enjoy the barbeque feast that awaited them. Once Terry, Courtney and Danielle arrived, Terry’s new Yukon was waiting on him, and from there they drove to the beach for their feast.

As Terry, Courtney and Danielle were enjoying their barbeque feast, Terry decided to try and get Courtney and Danielle on his side. Courtney said that she’d like to go to Terry’s side now. She said she believed she has a better chance with him in the final two, but personally, I don’t think Danielle would win the million if she were up against Terry. For one, Danielle never does much to help around camp, and for two, I think the jury would vote for Terry because he has played the game well.

Back on Exile Island, Aras gave up looking for the hidden Idol, because he had decided Terry had the Idol, so he said he wouldn’t waste his time searching for it. Of course, I think at this point in the game everyone knows Terry has the Idol now, but I could be wrong.

Back at camp, Cirie decided to go fishing and she caught a big one, which she was very excited about. Cirie dragged the fish back to the camp, and when she arrived she began singing happy birthday to Shane. It may not have been a birthday cake, but I’m sure Shane enjoyed the big fish just as much.

Terry, Courtney and Danielle returned to camp just in time to see the big fish Cirie caught. Boy, what I would give to catch a big fish like that. Yes, to me that would be a “big fish,” because the only fish I seem to catch are usually small Bluegills. Who knows, maybe this year I’ll catch a bigger one than Cirie caught.

It was time for Immunity Challenge again, and the survivor that won the Immunity challenge was guaranteed a spot in the final four. Jeff Probst explained this week’s Immunity Challenge by saying all survivors would be kneeling on a platform while holding on to two ropes that dangled in the air and was connected a weighted hook. All survivors began with 20% of their body weight. After 15 minutes 10% more of the survivor’s body weight was added, and after 30 minutes, 10% more of the survivor’s body weight was added.

As the survivors fought for a spot in the final four, Shane was the first one out – he didn’t even last a whole 15 minutes. Cirie was able to hold on for 18 minutes before she was out of the running for the final four. Danielle followed Cirie after hanging on for 19 minutes, and finally, Courtney hung in there for 31 minutes. Once again, proving his strength and determination, Terry had won his fourth (in a row) Immunity Challenge, and this guaranteed him a spot in the final four. I wonder if Terry’s even close to setting a record on Survivor. All he has to do now is win two more Immunity Challenges, and he’ll be guaranteed a spot in the final two. However, since Terry does hold the hidden Immunity Idol, he can still lose one Immunity Challenge and still make it to the final two if he wins just one more Immunity Challenge. Go Terry, Go!

Aras was the one on the chopping block this week, but Cirie felt threatened by Courtney, and in an attempt to get Courtney voted out she went off and told Aras what the plan was – to vote him out. After telling Aras the plan, Cirie tried to convince Aras and Danielle to vote off Courtney instead.

Upon their arrival at Tribal Council, all the survivors were happy to see Bruce back. Bruce was unable to continue playing the game, but he was able to have a seat on the jury, and thankfully, Bruce looked a whole lot better than he did when the medics took him away last week.

Cirie’s masterminding prevailed, Courtney was the 11’th person voted out of Survivor Exile Island on CBS. You see, Cirie knew once it came down to the final four, Courtney was her biggest competitor, and so she felt like she needed to turn the tables. Danielle went with Cirie’s plan, because she knew if she didn’t Courtney would probably be one of the final two, and neither Cirie nor Danielle wanted that. Aras, on the other hand, he knew he had a target on his back, so he followed Cirie and Danielle in order to save his own butt.

Well, that does it for Survivor Exile Island on CBS this week. Make sure you tune in again next week, because it’s getting really exciting! I know I’ll be tuning in, because I’ve got to see if Terry remains undefeated in the Immunity Challenge. I’m still rooting for Terry, and I still think he should win the million. Just my two cents, but I believe Terry is the “ultimate survivor!” Do you agree with me? Do you think Terry deserves to win the million?

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