Colored Diamonds Could Save You Thousands

You may have seen someone recently sporting a pink or yellow diamond. They have become quite popular. Some people even consider them status symbols. Perhaps you may not have heard much about them. In this case, what you don’t know about diamonds can not only hurt you, it can cost you.

Most people know that diamonds are created when carbon is subjected to pressure for many thousands of years. The new and good news is that a machine was created that shortens the time needed to compress carbon from thousands of just days.

Prior to the creation of this machine diamonds were considered a “finite” resource. That is there was a certain supply of them on the earth..and no more. Now that men can make diamonds there will soon be as much as the market will bear. So how can you take advantage of this discovery?

When you decide if you will consider a “man made” diamond there are a few things you should know. First, a “created” diamond is exactly the same as a natural diamond in terms of composition. They are made of the same material, They are just as durable, just as strong and will last forever.

The second thing you might want to consider is price. “Man made” diamonds are less expensive, in some cases you might spend a third less. Another way to look at this is that you could afford a diamond that is one third larger , for the same price.

Lastly, how do you feel about colored diamonds? This is one difference there is no getting around. Currenty there are no “man made” white or clear diamonds. This is because when carbon is compressed so rapidly it changes color. So far the technoogy manufacturers have can produce yellow and pink diamonds.

There has been alot of talk recently about “man made” versus “natural diamonds” but in reality there are few differences.
If you do not mind having a colored diamond, by all means consider a “man made” diamond.

The largest manufacturer of these new diamonds is Genesis diamonds. You can find them on the web

I love my new yellow diamond and people frequently compliment me on it. Colored diamonds are growing in popularity and catch the eye of many people. I never tell them it’s a third bigger that the white diamond I had considered.

Happy diamond hunting.

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