Buy Inexpensive Clothes at the Thrift Store

It is not uncommon to desire to possess an attractive wardrobe or to look trendy. But high fashion usually carries a high price tag as well. However, it is possible to dress stylishly without spending a lot of money on clothes. Thrift stores possess many articles of clothing that are good quality but at bargain prices.

Admittedly, at first the thought of wearing someone else’s previously used clothing can make one a bit squeamish. It is natural to wonder who the person was who wore the clothes before they wound up in the second hand shop. And the cleanliness of the clothes can certainly be a legitimate concern. However, a good laundry detergent and a heavy duty spin in warm water will wash away those worries.

Today, thrift stores carry much more than just vintage items. Anyone can find nice clothes in a second hand shop regardless of tastes or preferences. And the prices are almost too good to be true. Buy four or five pairs of gently used jeans for the price of one pair of new. Or, spend only a couple of dollars for shirts or sweaters. Many name brand items can be purchased for just a few pennies on the dollar of what they would have cost in a mall or boutique shop. Also, some people make charitable donations to thrift stores that have never been worn. So, it is quite possible to pick up brand new tops and pants with the tags still on them.

And the savings are even greater when shopping for kids. Children outgrow everything so quickly that it is not worth it to pay top dollar for their clothes. But children’s clothing at the local Goodwill store is extremely affordable. New or like-new baby items are regularly priced for just $0.50 apiece in many locations. And the prices are only slightly higher for boys’ and girls’ items.

Now, it may be necessary to look through a lot of clothing to find suitable items. But the good finds make it worth the investment of time. It is advisable to search every article of clothing on each rack in the section that you are interested in. Over time this becomes a very quick process. Pull out pieces that are appealing and appear to be in good condition. Then, thoroughly inspect the items. Look closely for imperfections. Do not purchase anything that has stains or rips. Also reject any items with frayed hems, missing buttons, or broken zippers. Don’t be tempted to buy a damaged item just because of the price. There are plenty of decent clothes in thrift stores so only buy ones in very good condition.

Most stores receive new inventory weekly. This means there are always fresh items being added. So find a few thrift stores nearby and visit them often. A great wardrobe can be built up in a short period of time for a fraction of what it used to cost to shop.

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