Come onto My House Part 3

Come onto my house
Come on

You leave your shoes at the door
It’s not the tropics but
A Columbia tenement house

We’ll take those smiley pictures
Call them family photos
I’ll put them in my favorite envelope

Come onto my house
Come on

You can play in my yard it’s a big one
Let’s throw the volleyball around
I can spike it, can you?????

Hang out with me on my stairs
Talk about Bertrand Russell and the fall
Of life and peoples, we’ll find a cure

Come onto my house
Come on

You can grab that digital cam and take
Pictures of Tony cooking hot dogs
Upon the old 1960’s yellow oven

Let’s ride bikes and I bet I can win
Those yoga legs can do anything
But if you win, it’s on me

I’ll buy you ice cream

Come onto my house

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