A List of Some of the Best Shows to Watch on HGTV

HGTV is a great channel to watch if you are interested in redecorating your home, looking at other homes, or learning about new products for your home. The Home and Garden channel has so many shows about decorating, buying a home, and selling a home that you can choose to watch. I will give you a list of shows that I think are some of the best shows to watch.

House Hunters

This show will give you a chance to watch buyers go through the ups and downs of buying a home. In every episode each home buyer has to choose between three homes. It’s interesting to see which home the buyers pick. At the end of each episode you will be able to see how the home looks after the new homeowners move in.

Property Virgins

The real estate agent is the host of this show. She helps guide first-time home buyers in the right direction by giving them helpful advice. Property Virgins is kind of similar to House Hunters but home buyers on this show look at several homes instead of three. And all the home buyers are first-time buyers.

Divine Design

The interior designer on this show can turn a dull boring room into a beautiful room. The rooms that have been redesigned on this show have looked so much better than the before. The designer uses a chic and modern design to transform the rooms.

My House is Worth What?

On this show homeowners find out how much their home is worth. A real estate agent tells them which home improvements have increased or decreased their homes value. The homeowners also find out what improvements they need to make to increase their homes value. Watching this show can be a good way to get tips about things you should or shouldn’t do to increase the value of your home.

Design on a Dime

The designers on this show use a budget of $1,000 to redesign a room. The design team does such a good job with the rooms. Many of the rooms look like a higher budget was used to redesign it.

The list of shows I have chosen are just a few of some of the great shows HGTV has. HGTV is great to watch if you are interested in tips and ideas about your home or garden. If you are interested in watching the shows I have described, check your local listings to find out what time the shows come on.

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