Tips to Make Moving to a New Home Easier

Anyone who has ever moved from one home to another will tell you of the mound of boxes and lost possessions. Many parents have told their children that their favorite fire truck got lost in the move. How did that nice toy from Grandma become misplaced? Maybe it had to do with that ear deafening siren, or possibly poor organization during the relocating process.

Should you be purchasing a new home, getting married or your lease is coming due and you see a move in the future, and then get a move on! Start saving boxes right away. Ask around work, church, or school for resources. Some stores will give you boxes available after shipments.

After you start collecting your cardboard, begin stashing those items you rarely use. Possibly begin with the pictures and art on the walls. The home may look less inviting to guests, but it will remind you that you are moving forward and closer to the big day.

If your household will be uprooted suddenly, you may want to enlist the help of friends. Assign each person a room and stick to it. Grabbing items from this room and that will slow down the packing process and guarantee items will turn up in strange places after the move.

After securing your possessions in an appropriate container, label the box. If using tape to close the boxes securely, a marker may write better on the cardboard. Use a dark, permanent marker for labeling. Your label should include the room where the box should be unpacked. This will save time by avoiding the lottery of the unknown box. The unmarked boxes somehow end up missing never to be seen again!

Also, it is helpful to include on your label a list of a few items in the box. Marking clearly the containers having glass or fragile items is a must. We all hope our prized possessions are not used as a volleyball, but let’s hope the movers will take heed to your notice.

It is wise to place a star on the boxes you will want to unpack immediately. You can easily locate your most essential pans for cooking your first meal in the new home. As you unpack, take things one box at a time. Remove the items from each box and put them away before beginning another container will keep chaos to a minimum. If you are through with the cardboard boxes, recycle them by passing them on to a friend.

Be careful not to accidentally throw away small items.

Some helpful tips are to place several small items in plastic zipper bags or smaller containers within a large box or crate. This helps to corral those little devils that try to sneak away.

Use your dishrags and towels to wrap your dishes and glasses. This helps to minimize the risk of breaking during travel. Another advantage to this tip, is your dishtowels will already be in the kitchen!

Use the containers you already have around the house. Don’t pack all those clothes from your dresser to waste time unpacking them. If you can, remove the drawers with contents before loading the dresser onto the truck. Put the drawers back in place. Have your clothes where you want them as soon as you arrive. If you have some suitcases around, they make great ways to transport your goods from place to place whether from Ohio to Hawaii or just down the street.

Other things to remember before you go. Take everything with you. Don’t forget to call ahead when possible to set up services like cable or electric. Turn in a change of address form with the post office to keep your mail coming. You probably want to skip those annoying bills in the mail, but wouldn’t you miss your Bassmaster or Parents magazines?

Finally, tell people your new address. It may be important to change your address with your employer, bank, or even on your driver’s license.

It is essential to stay organized during the hectic time of moving. Label what you can and don’t lose your marbles.

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