Computer Literacy

The commom understanding of the phrase “computer literacy” has been the idea that one has basic familiarity with computers or one is educated, instructed and learned with respect to computers. What does this mean for today’s job applicants? No matter where you find employment, there is a good chance that a level of computer literacy in your field of expertise would be an edge and a plus for landing your first job. Being computer literate does not mean that you need to know how to write programs and know the guts and bolts of all the application programs in the market. You just need to know the basics of computer use and a level of comfort in using the computer that’s relevant to your field. But of course, if one is applying for a programmer position or as a software engineer, one need to be able to demonstrate solid computer literacy expected of his or her education.

Job search techniques have changed from the old rules of submitting written resumes to employers to the evolving job searching and recruiting in the electronic job market. The validity of online job searching and the online communities of job markets and work at homes opportunities has been firmly established, rapidly growing and less stressful than traditional job searching and recruiting.. A computer literate work applicant has more chance to tap the electronic job market and market oneself not just locally but globally.

For example, a teacher applicant having a digital teaching portfolio on the web has more
“edge” to compete for prized jobs than the others who have no presence on the web to
market their own competence and chart their professional growth. When teachers create the most simple of digital portfolios, their credentials appear in multimedia format and communicate their willingness to innovate, their interest in developing new skills, and their effect to appear professional.

Clearly, as a job applicant today it is absolutely essential to have a level of computer literacy
to be able to participate in online communities of job seekers and open up opportunities for this growing markets. These online communities are creating an ecosystem that unleashes untapped market potentials. When you list your profile here, you can reach both staffing agencies and hiring managers in major corporations. There are bloggers, podcasters, telecommuters and multinational companies increasingly outsource support operations to labor rich countries. It is essential for a workforce to remain competitive in this changing world.

What concrete step can you take? First, if you are one of those new learners in this technology, look for a refutable training center known for its computer literacy competence to train newbies. If you are working, enroll in evening classes so you don’t have to give up your current work. Second , you can take basic computer courses offered by most continuing education programs. There are also online courses and tutorials available or you can visit your public libraries who allow patrons to use computers with internet access. If you gain some web skills, you can choose to volunteer to do the web sites of foundations. The projects will enable you to gain a track record that you can cite when you start applying for a new job.

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