Confirmation Day is a Day to Remember

In the Catholic tradition, the sacrament of confirmation is almost as meaningful as that of Baptism.This day is when a Catholic consciously awakens to his or her faith by his or her own accord. Unlike the sacrament of Baptism, Confirmation is when one is fully conscious of the religious choice and commitment his parents made for him/her weeks after birth. Thus, the sacrament of Confirmation is the first time in one’s life that one makes an independent choice of faith. One can compare it to the so-called “born again” day when one consciously makes the decision of recieving Jesus in one’s heart. It is called “Confirmation” because the individual, now with his/her full faculties. confirms the commitment his/her parents made during baptism. It is also believed by Catholics, that when one receives the sacrament of Confirmation, one begins to be filled with the Holy Sprit to assist and comfort him/her as he pursues the Christian path.

In most Catholic countries, one’s Confirmation day is a festive event. After recieving the sacrament, one becomes “full” Christian. For this reason, gifts are given by relatives and close friends to the newly confirmed Christian. Usually, a child is confirmed at about seven years old, or before he/she takes his.her First Communion. When I was confirmed, the most memorable gift I recieved was a personalized gold bracelet that had engraved on it the words :”I belong to Jesus”. I also recall that aside from that I was also gifted a necklace with a cross on it accented by a single white stone. The little white stone was remarkable because when you look closely, the words of the “Lord’s Prayer” can be read on it. I learned later that it was ordered from Israel.

I would think that since Confirmation Day is one’s “personal day of acceptance of Jesus”, gifts given should be chosen to remind the newly confirmed Christian of his.her commitment of faith. While so-called teen-Bibles and devotionals for kids are acceptable gifts, I would think that something more tangible would be a better gift choice. For instance, a personalized “Jesus loves you” bracelet or white pearls to symbolize goodness and purity are good choices. If one can afford it, a golden Christian cross would be a practical and yet meaningful gift. As a rule though, when I give out gifts for this event, I make sure that it is personalized with the date engraved on the item.

Since this event what is considered the conscious start of one’s Christian life, gifts must always be a reminder of the meaning of the day.And if one can afford it, yes, a very special gift for this most meaningful one day in one’s life.

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