Fake ID’s Sold on the Internet Compromise National Security

Although it is illegal to posses, fake ID and other false documents are being sold over the internet.
Most of these documents are sold to those who are under age, however it has made it easy for would be terrorists to obtain official looking documents, such as: ID’s that resemble state documents, international drivers licenses, and so called camoflage passports.

Most of these documents are sold in kit form, and they range in price from $ 20.00 – $ 150.00.
Some of these ID’s are fake looking and pose no real threat; however a small number of them look like the real Mckoy.

The higher price ones even go so far in their ads to guarantee that they have working magnetic strips on the back along with holograhms in the face of the ID’s.

Reports from the U.S. attorney’s office in California shows an alarming increase in possesion of fraudulantÃ?¯Ã?¿Ã?½ I.D..
It is only the opinion of this writer, but I believe that if the government doesn’t crack down on these fruadulant bussinesses that we as American citizens will have to pay a higher price than we did on 911.

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