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Recently, I decided that I needed to have a website to promote my business. Because I am both inexperienced and “graphically challenged”, I looked into hosting services that offered website templates or site builders. After hours of research, I finally returned to one of the first services that I had checked out at the heavily advertised I registered my chosen domain name and put my faith in WebSite TonightÃ?®.

WebSite Tonight�® is advertised as being fast, easy, and fun, enabling users at any level to build a professional-looking website. There are no manuals to read and no software to master before getting started, which is very nice for people (like me) who have no patience for technical language. There is nothing to download. Your site will be built and managed from your ever familiar browser. And, with WebSite Tonight�®, you get free hosting and free email, so all you need to get started is a domain name.

Your first step will be to decide on what type of package you’re looking for. WebSite TonightÃ?® offers a wide selection of plans. The list below will show you the details of each:

Basic- One Page, 5 MB of disk space, bandwidth of 500 MB, 1 free email account, $2.95 per month

Economy- Five Pages, 50 MB of disk space, bandwidth of 1000 MB, 1 free email account, $4.95 per month

Deluxe- Ten Pages, 2,000 MB of disk space, bandwidth of 100,000 MB, 200 free email accounts, $8.95 per month

Premium- Twenty Pages, 4,000 MB of disk space, bandwidth of 200,000 MB, 400 free email accounts, $12.95 per month

No matter which package you choose, you can always upgrade later. You can purchase your chosen plan for a specified number of months or years. If you do buy 12 months at a time or more, you are eligible for a 20% discount. The service plans are very flexible, which is not common with many web hosting plans that often require a minimum service agreement of one year. With WebSite TonightÃ?®, you can try it out for one or two months and if you don’t like it, you aren’t stuck paying for it. also offers convenient payment options for all of their services. They accept PayPal, credit cards, e-checks, money orders, and cash.

After you have picked and paid for your package, you can get started. You can jump right in or if you do feel like reading up, offers a tutorial/virtual tour of the WebSite Tonight�® program.

Your first task involves entering general information about your site, such as headings, subheadings or tag lines, copyright text, and default emails. WebSite TonightÃ?® recommends choosing a heading and tag line that reflects your site’s topic, theme, message, or business name. The copyright statement is optional and can be removed from the page if you do not consider it necessary. The default email is your contact email address. Visitors will use this address to contact you. If you choose not to enter anything, your web hosting email address will be used.

After that is finished, you move onto choosing the design for your website. There are 190+ different design templates to choose from. When you are deciding on your template, look for design and layout only, because the pictures and colors can be changed later.

After your template has been chosen, you will need to choose the color scheme. WebSite TonightÃ?® recommends keeping the color scheme the same, because each template has been carefully designed with specific colors by graphic design experts. If you don’t like the default color scheme though, you can choose your own. All design colors can be customized, including background colors, text colors, button colors, etc.

Now that your frame is complete, you will begin building your pages. You will choose a name for each page, about us, contact us, FAQ, etc and then you will type in the text that you want to appear on each page. You can use HTML or you can type everything normally using the WebSite Tonight�® text editor. There are several fonts to choose from and you can also download additional fonts as well. Regarding the images, you can keep the default images, use one of 1700+ WebSite Tonight�® images, or you can download your own pictures for each page.

The program automatically saves pages as you create them and also gives you the option to wipe out everything you have done and start over in case the design isn’t as impressive as you thought it would be. The best part of the building process is convenience. If you have already created your text somewhere else, you can use the available copy and paste option.

Your final step is to publish your website to the internet. Using the available spell check program, check your site for errors. Next, enter keywords into the easy to use entry form. These keywords will help people find your site. Type in as many as you want; the more you use the better. Click on the publish site button and voilÃ? , you’re finished!

Your site can be managed and edited very easily by accessing your account. The updates are instant. also promises 99.9% uptime for your site, the highest guarantee in the biz. They also promise excellent service and support for their customers.

I have only been a customer for a short time, but I am very pleased thus far. I had no problems building my site and I have had no problems updating it. Overall, the service plans are fairly priced, making WebSite Tonight�® one of the best package deals on the internet.

To check out WebSite Tonight�® or any of the other GoDaddy services, visit

If you would like to see an actual WebSite Tonight�® website, check out

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