Dewalt Five Piece Tool Kit

The Dewalt tool kit is a must have for any serious contractor,builder or handyman, it will save you alot of time not only production but also less problems. You wont have to go and find an extension cord and the also the average job generally requires a drill, skillsaw,and a reciprocating saw. Each are included in this dewalt five in one unique tool kit.

The very first thing you need to know about this dewalt five in one tool kit at time of purchase is to buy at least one extra battery 18 volt unless your only going to be completing very light tasks.You wiill want to have a battery on the charger as you are working on your project, because when the battery gets low you will have to change to a fully charged battery, this way you wont have any down time waiting for a battery to charge.It usually takes about an hour for a good full charge . A shorter charge time will work but it is recommended to have your battery fully charged, it will also increase the life of the tool, Im going to first cover the drill of which the 18 volt model has a 1/2 drive chuck , this gives you the ability to use larger drill bits etc, So caution is advised dont let it get away from you, when operating at a high speed keep a firm grip on handle at all times.

The new models have a great feature similar to a ratchet you just insert your bit or driver in the chuck and turn clockwise till tight thats all it takes its a great feature and it will never loosen up on you during operation. If you want it to last always use the proper tool for the particular project, if the job is industrial caliber use a 1/2 drive electric drill pluged into a 110 electrical outlet, this is the same for all the tools in the kit they work very well untill you put them into a heavyweight class where they are not designed to be. The Skill saw (circular saw) is a small job tool in the five in one kit and not designed for large scale jobs ( i e cutting 700 -2×8 x12 to a desired length) so use only for light duty work.The skill saw has a allen wrench right on the saw allowing for fast blade change, the saw takes time to get used to as it is tiny compared to most skill saws and will take some concentration keeping it straight only because it is very light unlike the regular electric saws.

The sawzall or reciprocating saw in the dewalt tool kit is the other big tool in the kit and there arent many tasks it wont handle , again the emphasise is on having a standby battery always. On any thick wood type cutting the battery will deplete alot earlier than stated in the instructions, If the job is sized with the tool properly this will be eliminated and the tools life will be as specified in the owners manual. The reciprocating saw will take on a job to big for it is another way to put it. There are two other very useful tools in the kit a flashlight which is very handy for many job applications with its bendable in any direction handle it can aide you setting or hanging in any direction putting a spotlight on your needed work area. The last item is the battery charger which the charging time and directions are all in the owners manual and I recommend following them to the letter for best performance and long tool life. This how to is a brief overview of the dos and donts of the kit and the tools are being upgraded all the time so some of this may vary from changes in the kit and additions to it, but the basics of proper tool use and fitting every job to the right tool never will change. So do your self and the tools a favor and give them the life they were designed to have also save you money over time as they will last and last when used properly.

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