Resin Thermal Transfer Printing on ID Cards and the Quality of a Resin Thermal Transfer Printer

Resin Thermal Transfer Printer

A Resin Thermal Transfer printer is a common type of printer used to create ID cards and ID badges. Using a single-colored ribbon to add crisp barcodes and sharp black text to plastic (pvc) ID cards, Resin Thermal Transfer printers allow an ID card to be read by both infrared and visible-light bar code scanners (readers).

Resin Thermal Transfer printing can also involve other colors such as yellow, red, blue, green, silver, and gold.

Via the adhesion of wax-based ink onto paper, resin thermal printing technology can be used to produce color images. As the ribbon and paper work together beneath the thermal print head, the wax-based ink from the transfer ribbon melts onto the paper. After the wax cools, it is permanently stuck to the paper.

A Resin Thermal Transfer printer uses a panel of ribbon for each printed page, no matter what the contents of the page are. Color Resin Thermal Transfer printers have either three (CMY) or four (CMYK) colored panels for each page, and Monochrome Resin Thermal Transfer printers have a black panel for each page that is printed.

Resin Thermal Transfer Printing

The process of Resin Thermal Transfer printing uses the same thermal printhead as dye-sublimation, but there is a significant difference: in Resin Thermal Transfer printing, solid dots of color are transferred rather than the combination of colors produced by Dye-Sublimation. Because these printers aren’t able to vary the dot intensity, produced images are dithered.

The quality of image produced by a Resin Thermal Transfer printer is acceptable, but not very good overall. These printers can’t really compare to newer, more modern laser printers and inkjet printers, but they do have some very handy uses.

For example, Resin Thermal Transfer printers are excellent for large quantity, mass production industrial work. Except in rare cases, it is no longer used for full page printing, but is employed primarily for mass label printing.

They are quite water-fast and are speedy and efficient for the jobs they do. Resin Thermal Transfer printers are usually highly reliable because of their simple structure and ease of use and maintenance.

The ink used in Resin Thermal Transfer printing is waxy and is sensitive to rubbing and other abrasive actions which can peel the ink off or make it smear. Despite this, however, if you need a fast, efficient little printer that can take care of small tasks easily and quickly, you might want to look into a Resin Thermal Transfer printer.

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