ONE NOTE Tech Product for College Students

Every day Microsoft give us some of there advices about there products , systems and services .. for back to school and collage event , Microsoft have a great tool for students everywhere helps them out with a lot of tool tips that save a lot of time .. we’ll over view some of ONE NOTE 2003 for student features

Microsoft introduction for one note : OneNote 2003 can help students, teachers, and professors gather, organize and use notes more effectively. Students can use OneNote to keep all their notes in one place and be more prepared for classes, exams, and study sessions. Teachers and professors can easily do research and share information with students and colleagues.

Top 10 Ways Academics Can Benefit from OneNote

1.Digitally record your meetings or lectures.
Record audio from lectures or faculty meetings so that you won’t miss any essential information.

2.Keep all your research and class notes in one place.
Store all your notes-including, research, lecture, and meeting notes-in your computer. Have access to your digital notes whether you’re in the classroom, office or off-campus.

3.Create lecture outlines easily.
Organize your notes and examples into concise, lecture outlines and syllabi.

4.Find notes from previous courses quickly.
Find notes related to a specific course, research project, or committee in a matter of seconds.

5.Conduct online research directly from OneNote.
Drag text from your favorite websites and drop into your OneNote notebook, as well as images, diagrams, charts, graphs, and anything else that you may want to use for your research paper or class discussion.

6.Turn notes into great presentations and lecture handouts.
Easily organize and transfer your digital notes into Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 presentations and Microsoft Office Word 2003 documents.

7.Share class and research notes easily.
Quickly distribute and share notes with others by e-mailing them directly from OneNote-recipients won’t need OneNote installed to read your notes.

8.Publish notes to your Web page.
Post research and class notes directly to your Web page using OneNote.

9.Flag questions for follow-up.
Keep track of questions or notes that need more attention. Create Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 reminders directly from OneNote.

10.Collaborate more easily.
Create shared team notebooks for a group project or faculty review, and keep others informed of the team’s progress.

So do you think you can use it , I see that it’s a very useful tool ,it can save a lot of time doing your collage work or your school work ..

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