How Computers Change Space Travel

The advancements in technology have allowed us to do so many new and interesting things with our abilities in space travel. Computers play such an important role in calculating, collecting and analyzing data, predicting outcomes, aiding in travel and landing capabilities, and so much more. In 1969, we landed on the moon, and now, we have accomplished sending a satellite to Mars to collect data and pictures so we can explore this foreign planet.

The world of science has many reasons for wanting to land on and explore Mars as a planet. They want to learn about their climate, vegetation, life, and if there is possibility of human exploration in our future. There is much to be done, and more technological advances that need to occur for future Mars missions to be successful. Computers and their capabilities will play an extremely important role in allowing this to happen. Here is a list of the advances we need to occur in order for successful missions to be accomplished in the future.

– Improved landing technology with hazard detection and avoidance capabilities
– Access to important spots on the planet that have not yet been accessible by any of the instruments put into place thus far
– Larger, longer lasting energy supply that is able to endure harsh conditions and remain intact
– Something that allows access to the planet far below the surface for analysis and other testing
– Technology that allows samples taken from Mars to be returned to Earth for analysis
– The money and means to acquire this needed technology and computer advancement
– Many, many newly improved and updated scientific tools and equipment

If we are able to obtain these high goals of our technology and computer abilities, then we will be able to accomplish journeys into space that in the past were looked at as hardly feasible. Computers allow for so many abilities that we as humans cannot possibly ever accomplish. They allow for formulas and abilities to be programmed in and put into motion, and focus on only certain areas. Humans will never be able to have programmed formulas or the speed of computation that computers are capable of. Within the next few years, the goal is to have a much better grasp on the direction that advances need to go in to increase our chances of entering into space to be the most productive we can be in each journey or mission

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