Great Features of Mozilla Browser

Mozilla browser is a great web browser that is customizable and very safe to use. There are many things that you can do with Mozilla that you can not do with any other browser. There are some great features that just make life a little easier while using the internet.

Pop up’s are something that gets on anyone’s nerves that use the internet regularly. Mozilla has that problem taken care of with their pop up blocking tool. Of course there are many times that we need those pop up windows and it is very easy to disable and enable this tool. By pressing CTRL+T you can easily open a new site but in the same window with Mozilla’s Tabbed Browsing. This makes it extremely easy to go from one web page to another.

Mozilla allows you to prevent certain scripts from doing things like moving windows, closing them, changing the status bar and setting cookies. The Sidebar is also a great tool that provides many tabs and you can always add to them as well. The sidebar can be customized and be implemented in HTML or XUL without much hassle.

You can customize the way your browser looks with different themes for Mozilla as well. There are two that come with it but you can download many more. The bookmark feature is great as well. The bookmark window display more information and you can also look up bookmarks by keyword. There is also an option for your browser to check your bookmarks for new content.

With Mozilla you are able to block images from certain web sites such as ad sites. You are also able to block images from third party sites. The download manager is a great tool that allows you to open the files that you have downloaded right from the download manager box. This allows you to open files much easier instead of searching for its location on your computer. You are also able to pause downloading as well.

There is more control over text zooming with Mozilla. You are able to zoom the text no matter what the size and no matter what unit was specified. There is a feature that allows you to save password and also allows you to view and delete stored passwords. Mozilla also offers a feature to remember fields that you have filled out which very useful when filling out forms.

One of my personal favorite features of Mozilla is being able to have multiple profiles. Each person in the house can have their own profile. This means that when you open Mozilla, you select your profile and your personal bookmarks and customizations are there. So you can personalize for each individual person who uses the computer.

There are many more features that Mozilla offers that most web browsers do not offer. These features make using Mozilla most enjoyable and easy to use. It is very user friendly and quick to download.

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