What is Broadband Satellite Internet Access?

What is Broadband Satellite Internet Access?

Satellite internet access allows you to get online from your home computer using not your phone line or a cable connection but through satellite signals. Broadband satellite internet access gives access to the World Wide Web at speeds up to ten times faster than normal dial-up access using broadband channels. Some providers boast speeds of up to 20 times faster than dial-up on their more expensive packages.

Do I Want Broadband Satellite Internet Access?

While when we hear of something like broadband satellite internet access we automatically assume that it must be the most cutting edge technology offering up the best and fastest of internet access, such is not exactly the case with satellite internet. The technology is currently in a growing stage, and is very expensive (the equipment alone can cost up to $600 or more, with monthly fees of $50 and up). For all of this price the speed of access is quite a bit slower than cable or dsl internet access. Most likely you aren’t gong to want broadband satellite internet access.

Who Would Want Broadband Satellite Internet Access?

Satellite internet has one advantage over traditional forms of internet: availability. Because the signal is coming from a satellite up in space, no on the ground equipment is required save your own personal dish. This means that coverage area is great, and allows for internet access in areas traditionally far removed from traditional internet access coverage. For example Starband boasts coverage throughout the United States and Canada, as well as much of the Caribbean and Central America.

If you live in a rural area where there is no availability of dial-up or cable internet access, satellite internet will most likely be the only option open to you. With broadband satellite internet you can log on even faster now. If you are someone who travels often and require constant internet access you will also want to look into broadband satellite internet.

Although there is limited need and demand for broadband satellite internet access nowadays, it is a technology to watch. After cable and satellite TV both started off as options for those living in rural areas and now are the standard for just about everyone. It is very well possible that satellite internet will become the new standard for internet access in a few years.

How Does Broadband Satellite Internet Access Work?

In the earliest days of satellite internet it only offered one way access. That is, information could be sent from the internet to your computer so that you could read pages on the internet. However there was no way for you to send information back through the satellite as you traveled the internet. In order to allow two way access, information would be sent out through the phone line. Thus, no matter how fast the signal could be sent from the satellite, you could only send data back at a speed of a normal phone modem (up to 56kps).

Two-way satellite internet access was the answer. With this system you can send as well as receive data through your satellite dish, and all data is sent via the satellite in space. In order for the process to work you need a satellite dish, a special box or card to connect directly to the dish before plugging into your computer (most often via an ethernet port).

Most broadband satellite internet service providers will provide all of the required equipment with your purchase of their service. On occasion, however, you might need to buy the equipment separately.

How Much Does Broadband Satellite Internet Access Cost?

The most expensive part of broadband satellite internet access is definitely the equipment. A satellite dish is required, as well as a receiver for the signal, an incoming modem and most likely an outgoing modem as well, because incoming and outcoming traffic will travel across different wires. Equipment easily runs in the hundreds of dollars, and depending on the quality of equipment you buy almost a thousand if not more.

But equipment is a one time cost, once you have the equipment it is yours. Monthly fees for satellite internet access do run high, though, generally starting at $50-$60 a month on the low end, and well over $100 on the high end.


For those who live in rural areas with no access to traditional forms of internet access or for those who travel extensively, satellite internet access could be the best (and only) option to get you online. However compared to dsl or broadband it is far more expensive and far slower in connection. It is only a good choice for those who have no access to anything else, because satellite internet is available just about everywhere.

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