The Forever Flashlight Works Reliably Without Batteries

A flashlight, no matter how fancy, is only as good as its batteries. That is, unless a flashlight is not dependent upon batteries. A device called the Forever Flashlight has found a way to function without a battery driven power source and, as a result, is one of the most reliable tools available.

The Forever Flashlight recharges itself when it is shaken back and forth. It contains a metal coil embedded in a magnetic chamber. The shaking action alters the magnetic environment and causes the coil to emit voltage. This provides energy to a diode which produces light.

Activating the Forever Flashlight is like making a martini. You shake the tube vigorously, just as you would a cocktail shaker. For every 30 seconds or so of shaking you get about 5 to 6 minutes of light. There is a feeling of liberation because dead or weak batteries are no longer an issue. In terms of reliability, this flashlight ranks up at the top.

Every emergency preparedness kit should contain flashlights. Anyone who has ever experienced an earthquake, a flood, a blackout, a fire or even a flat tire knows how important a flashlight can be. Excalibur Electronics is a company that manufacturers Forever Flashlights and is located in Florida, a state more familiar with disasters than most. Perhaps with the knowledge of experience, Excalibur builds its product into a waterproof case that floats.

Freeing itself from batteries altogether, the Forever Flashlight operates on a different principle from rechargeable flashlights. Although rechargeable models are economical, they eventually require electricity. What good are they if there is no power available? As long as you are able to shake up the Forever model, you will have light.

One of the drawbacks, however, is the strength of the light beam emitted. Don’t expect a strong beam for long range illumination. The LED bulb is a semiconductor diode that provides sufficient light for mid-range and close up work – say, inside a house, a car, a boat or an airplane – and is not impressive outdoors. I once heard someone returning their Forever Flashlight with the complaint that it wasn’t strong enough when walking the dog at night to light up the dog poop.

You can find Forever Flashlights in large sizes appropriate to carry in cars and emergency kits as well as small sizes appropriate to carry in purses and pockets. They are available by catalog mail order, from sporting goods stores and from auto supply centers. Prices can range from $20 to $40 depending upon size and retailer. When you factor the savings in expenditures on batteries and bulbs, you realize the Forever Flashlight is a good investment.

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