Cool TV Blogs: Stars, Shows, and Sometimes Characters Speak

Television blogs provide reviews, commentary, and space for discussion on your favorite tv shows. Some television blogs are devoted to single television shows while others are devoted to the medium in general. Some are even written by show characters and actors. Here are some cool television blogs for fans to check out.

This television blog has a tons of news and reviews. I’m not sure who the bloggers are, exactly, but the cover happenings in the television world, post comments on shows, networks, and actors and have interactive chats and polls. Popular shows include Desperate Housewives, Lost, The Office and The Daily Show.
This blog is mainly focused on breaking tv-related news. For instance, it will reprint articles on new shows being broadcast online, new deals with shows and networks, and other industry-related information. There are also jobs and resources links.
Television-savvy writer Billie Doux reflects on the latest sci fi TV and other developments. Cool recaps of shows like BSG, Dead Zone, Lost and others. Also includes an archive of Buffy-related articles. Doux’s also a fan of Nikita Doux, yeah, not her real name, is a contributor to the ezine nzone (
There are more blogs on here than you can count. The magazine “experts” Matt Roush and Matt Ausiello have blogs. Then there are a couple others with names like “Seeing is Believing” and “Stark Raven Mad.” These include reflections, reports and reviews.

Shows and Celebrities:

Anderson Cooper 360 Blog. CNN It Man Anderson Cooper reports back on his latest investigations and adventures in the world’s toughest areas. Blog is updated often from the field.

Rescue Me Anti-Blog Stars of the television series Rescue Me contribute entries. Among the actor participating are John Scruti (Ken Shea aka Lou) and Callie Thorne (Sheila).

The Closer Blog at, this is a blog for the TNT hit The Closer. By the show’s creator, James Duff, It doesn’t look like it’s updated very often and mainly consists of Duff praising is co-workers.

Jenna Fischer Blog at You know Fischer as Pam on NBC’s The Office. The guy who plays Office’s Kevin also has a blog on

NCIS Blog by show start Pauley Perrette, the goth techie. Seems to be pretty well updated with her reflections on the show especially her interactions with other cast members and feelings about the show.

CSI:Miami Blog by writer Corey Miller. CSI:Miami fans might be interested in this insider look at how shows of the CBS hit are scripted over the course of a season. Find it


Dwight’s Blog (The Office, Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) is the biggest rule stickler on NBC’s The Office. His blog reflects his obsession with rules and his generally persnickety, power-hungry nature.

ABC Soap Character Blogs: Want to know what AMC’s Kendall is thinking, or GH’s Robin? Neither do I. But if you know someone who is interested in soap happenings has several to choose from. One Life To Live also has a blog.

Grey’s Anatomy bartender blog. This is a weird one. You know the bartender from Grey’s Anatomy, the guy played by the guy who was in “Big Obnoxious Fiance?” Well, he’s got a character blog. I’m serious: “He” posts his reactions to the happenings of Seattle Grace.

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