Coolerdor/ Coolidor: How to Turn a Cooler into a Cigar Humidor

As a cigar smoker and a college student, I often find myself broke. Because I could not afford an expensive humidor to keep my cigars, I looked on the Internet for an alternative. There is a cheap, easy solution anyone can put together in a day: the coolidor.

A cooler is needed, the size depends on the number of cigars you plan on storing. Nice small ones can be found with a good seal. It needs to be close to airtight or else the humidity inside the humidor will fluctuate too much.

Any humidification device used for a humidor can be used in your coolidor. A popular, easy solution are humidification beads. Humidification beads can be ordered off the Internet and maintain a constant relative humidity in the cooler. 65% or 70% beads are popular depending on how dry you prefer cigars. I used the Heartfelt Industries 65% RH beads which seem to be popular on the forums. Distilled water is used to make most of the beads clear. Once the beads are white again, the moisture is signaled as gone. These beads are extremely well at regulating humidity.

A digital hygrometer should be picked up to ensure accurate humidity levels. An inexpensive one can be purchased for under $20 at any big retailer.

Some cigar smokers keep lighters, matches, cutters, or other cigar accessories in the coolidor. Cedar wood is also commonly used because it regulates humidity. Any spikes in humidity will be absorbed by the cedar wood, keeping things stable and constant. Empty cigar boxes could be purchased for cheap at local tobacco shops which are made of cedar wood.

Once all your equipment is obtained, clean your cooler to prepare it for the cigars. Do not use anything to chemically strong that will leave unwanted smells in the coolidor. After the cooler is clean, place your cigars in cedar wood boxes, and start filling the humidor. Leave room to keep a dish or tray for the humidification beads. I spread my beads out around two corners to ensure the moisture is evenly distributed. Within a day or two, check your hygrometer for a relative humidity between 65-70%. The temperatures should preferably be under 70 or low 70s max.

Big coolers can hold plenty of boxes which should last for a while. With this simple, effective solution, you could save your money on the humidor and enjoy the cigars.

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