Coping with Bipolar Disorder in Waverly, Ohio

Bipolar disorder is a disorder that more people has been aware of thanks to the fact that many celebrities have admitted to having it. In fact statistics say that Bipolar Disorder or Manic depressive illness, which it is also called, effects 1% of the population from the age of 18 and older. Usually symptoms doesn’t appear until the late teenage years to early adulthood.

Bipolar Disorder is a disorder of the brain that causes shifts in moods, energy and the ability to function. One has severe ups and downs.

But there is help. If you happen to live in Waverly, Ohio you can get this help at the Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Clinic. They have doctors, nurses and therapists that understands what the patient is experiencing and they understand the various treatments that may help.

But first you must admit that you have this disorder and realize you need help. Some of the basic symptoms of this disorder is the following:

In the manic stage:

Increased energy, restlessness, excessive high mood, you may need little sleep, spending sprees, increase of sex drive, aggressive behavior and drug and alcohol abuse

In the depressive stage:

Lasting sad feelings, empty mood, feeling of hopelessness, feeling of guilt, lost of interest in things you enjoy even sex, decreased energy, difficult concentrating, change in appetite and weight, thoughts of suicide.

As the list indicates, this is not a disorder you want to ignore. Ignoring it will not make it go away. But understanding you have a disorder that is treatable is the first step in regaining control of your life.

Then you need to seek treatment. First, you will probably be scheduled an appointment with a nurse and then a therapist. After talking to them, you will be assigned as psychiatrist. A psychiatrist will then be able to help you decide which drug program will best fit your need. Some of the common prescription drugs for bipolar disorder are: Lithium, Tegretol and Depakote.

You may also be asked to take a drug test first. It is important that you haven’t taken any street drugs or other medications that could interfere with the medications your doctor may want to prescribe for you. This is another reason why honesty is important. Your doctor needs all the facts to help you.
Besides seeing a doctor, you may want to keep a chart that lists your daily moods, symptoms, any changes in your moods or sleep patterns and reasons you think these changes occurred. By pinpointing stresses that makes your maniac or depressive stages more severe, you will be able to design a way of dealing with these stresses before they send you off into a severe maniac or depressive stages.

You may also wish to join a group of people who also is suffering from bipolar disorder. By talking with others who is battling some of the same problems, you will realize that you are not alone and you may learn things that they do that could help you.

You, of course, need to discuss your condition with your family and friends. You may even invite them to join a session with you to speak to a therapist.

If you live in Waverly, Ohio and would like to speak to someone about bipolar disorder or some other mental problem, be sure to check out the Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Center. They are located at 102 Dawn Lane, Waverly, Ohio, across from the Pike Community Hospital. Their phone number is 740-947-7783. If you should find yourself in a crisis situation and you need help immediately, you can call their crisis hotline any time night or day at 740-947-2147.

You should never feel like you have nowhere to go, nobody to turn to or that nobody will understand how you are feeling because you are wrong. Bipolar disorder is more common than you realize. Yes, it is an ongoing condition. But it is a treatable condition. Do not allow this imbalance to ruin your life. Get help now.

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