Copragrass: Will Cover the Floor of Your Freshwater Tank

Seeing as how I am thinking about purchasing yet another fish tank to place some goldfish in, I am looking into purchase a lot of freshwater plants for my tank. There are many different plants to choose from. Petco usually carries a lot of different varieties of freshwater plants and Petland usually does as well. In my area I have at least 10 different pet stores to choose from which carry about thirty different plants at one time. You will not be so lucky. You might have to purchase freshwater plants online.

I want to purchase the Copragrass because it will cover the entire bottom area of my freshwater tank. There will not be one visible area of rock on the bottom floor of your fish tank. I want to purchase this because it provides excellent hiding places for freshwater fish. Plus, then it doesn’t seem as if I would have to clean the rock as good as I usually do because it will be completely covered in what appears to be grass. It will also hold beneficial bacteria which will greatly reduce the amount of illnesses that your fish will get.

This grass is easy to take care of but it requires a decent amount of light. If you can find a replace bulb which is a higher wattage bulb that would greatly increase the change of keeping the Copagrass alive. You will want to keep the temperature in the tank between 72 and 80 degrees. Usually without a heater your tank will stay between 75 and 78 degrees. You will still want to hook up a heater to make sure that the tank doesn’t drop below 72 degrees. If you can keep the temperature at the right level you will not have any problems with the Copagrass.

This grass will start off in a small clump and it will quickly start to spread through out the tank. If you don’t want a plant that will take over the entire floor of your fish tank than you should purchase a different freshwater plant. This plant will cost you around four dollars when you purchase it from your local pet store. You should not have a problem finding this plant as long as you have a few pet stores to choose from in your area. If you cannot find the plant you can also purchase it online if you would like to.

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