Why Would Someone Purchase Turtle Grass for Their Saltwater Tank?

While I am battling a common problem with Green Hair Algae, some people are actually purchasing a plant which looks exactly like Green Hair Algae. It’s known as Turtle Grass. People purchase live rock from places and they purchase the best live rock possible. You can purchase ultra premium live rock, which is actually considered show rock. I purchase ultra premium live rock for the colors. They come with colors that people love such as purple and dark red. Some people actually purchase supplements to produce color on their live rock. Why somebody would purchase Turtle Grass is a question I frequently ask myself.

To get rid of Green Hair Algae you must remove every single strand it your saltwater aquarium. I have placed every item inside my tank into a bucket and scrubbed everything with a tooth brush. I’ve even resorted to scrubing down my snails and hermit crabs to get rid of this problem. Why would some people go through so much work to get rid of Green Hair Algae and then some people are actually purchasing a plant which looks exactly like Green Hair Algae. Turtle Grass is actually considered a form of algae and it produces chemicals so that fish are not attracted to it.

The only good thing about Green Hair Algae and Turtle Grass is that it provides little bugs, known as copepods, a place to live. These little bugs will live inside of this algae. When you remove a clump of the algae from your live rock you will often times see many copepods running for cover! While Turtle Grass and Green Hair Algae are not the same thing, it’s virtually impossible to figure out which is which. I don’t see paying money to purchase Turtle Grass when you can do nothing and establish a horrible Green Hair Algae problem!

Another thing about the Turtle Grass is the fact that it is one of the most expensive plants that you can purchase. You will spend at least twenty dollars to purchase a little clump of Turtle Grass. If you are purchasing this plant to give your bugs some cover, why don’t you just wait for the Green Hair Algae to form. Actually, you can just contact me and I’ll send you some Green Hair Algae at no cost to you! While I can’t get rid of my problem, some people are purchasing their problems! You will actually even have to add iron and trace elements to your water in order to keep the Turtle Grass alive. You don’t have to worry about keeping Green Hair Algae alive and you won’t be able to get rid of it, either!

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