The Sunbeam H20 Tri Function Water Dispenser

Enjoy fresh, clean, delicious water at any time! With the Sunbeam H20 Tri Function Water Dispenser, you will be provided with clean filtered water at the flip of a switch. Complete with hot, room temperature, and cold faucets this machine is great for using filtered water for cooking as well as drinking.

A small refrigerated compartment is available in some models. At the base of the unit you will find a small door that opens to reveal the area that can be used to place perishables. A non-refrigerated model is also available. A compartment is still available with this model but it isn’t refrigerated, making it a perfect place to keep cups handy for a quick drink of water.

Three indicator lights are located on the machine to tell when it is heating and when it’s cooling. Individual elements can be turned on or off as well.

Each unit features a blue faucet that provides cold water perfect for drinking. The white faucet provides room temperature water which is great for cooking or meal preparation. The red, child-resistant hot faucet is great for hot drinks such as hot chocolate or tea as well as hot soups. A fully adjustable thermostat gives you the control over how hot or cold your water stays.

This durable unit is easy to clean with a damp wash cloth and also features a very deep drip tray. The drip tray is easily removed for ease of cleaning in the sink or the dishwasher. The no-spill bottle piercing cap is provided to prevent messy spills when situating full bottles of water onto the machine.

The Sunbeam H20 Tri Function Water Dispenser is perfect for the home or office. Aesthetically pleasing, it will fit into any lobby of any office or in any home kitchen. The small footprint makes for ease of fitting anywhere and into any corner.

The unit comes with a full two year guarantee against any malfunction that may occur. Any standard five gallon bottle will fit into the machine making it easy to find refills anywhere.

The Sunbeam H20 Tri Function Water Dispenser is an inexpensive way to have to fresh cold water at hand at all times. Instant hot water provides quick and easy hot drinks and soups while dispensing room temperature water for cooking at the same time.

With all these features combined plus ease of cleaning, instant set up, light weight and compact design and simple to find refills this machine is a must for any kitchen, office or lobby. And with virtually silent operation and no maintenance aside from regular wiping down and cleaning, you’ll never even know it’s there until you need it.

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