Corner of Your Life

The candlelight that reaches every corner of your life
And illuminates the darkness to a glimmer of light
Is seen in a reflection lost and forgotten so long ago
That every desire is consumed and drowned in moonlight
Like the feelings we used to share together and know.

It is within tired eyes that I have seen
A weariness that breaks the body and devours the heart
It is within a glance across the room
That can break a soul, turn a flame to a spark.

It is within you I have known
The goodness of a soul, though tired and sometimes cold
It is within your voice I hear desire in a whisper
I have seen love in your eyes when you try so desperately to hold.

I have seen the seasons change many years over
And have known the dampness of the falling rain
I have prayed to those higher and asked for answers
I know I shall forever again and again.

I know the laughter in a child’s’ heart
I have seen winter lights shining in their eyes
I remember the wonder of being young
I know those who are true and those that wear a disguise.

It is for you that I cry now
And drown myself in a pool of tears
For I know the pain of wanting though wanting doesn’t always make it so
And time flies too quickly through the years.

For there truly is no darkness when candlelight flickers
True passion can be found and felt within a four-poster bed
Where everything disappears and worries no longer exist
And I find I live safely within the imagination of my head.

I understand your life more than you believe
And like you I wish I could take back actions and words
We are a part of one another in mind and spirit
Though sometimes that may seem absurd.

For we are a master of our destiny’s
Even when the tears fall from our eyes
I shall wipe away all worries and then
I will replace your tears with mine.

The darkness that falls when the sun goes down
Is merely a continuance of time
The weakness in me sometimes holds me
And can be seen deeply in my eyes.

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