Could You Have Undiagnosed ADHD?

Many children grow up and become adults with undiagnosed ADHD. These adults may have been labeled as chatter boxes or daydreamers as children. Today, as adults they may experience of variety of symptoms. These symptoms can vary between men and women. The problem is that these symptoms are not widely researched.

Yes, research for ADHD is mainly conduced with children. Yet, there are some patterns that can pinpoint, if an adult may have an undiagnosed case of ADHD, according to the website, Web MD. These patterns include the exhibiting the following signs:


Men may exhibit a number of different signs that may indicate they may have ADHD these can include:

  • Ã?· Frequently being involved in car accidents
  • Ã?· Substance abuse problems
  • Ã?· Anger issues
  • Ã?· Frequent work problems


Women may exhibit a number of different signs that are totally different from the signs that men may exhibit can include:

  • Ã?· Eating Disorders
  • Ã?· Obesity issues
  • Ã?· Low self-esteem problems
  • Ã?· Depression
  • Ã?· Anxiety
  • Ã?· Conflicts At home
  • Ã?· Feeling Over Whelmed

ADHD is the most common undiagnosed condition in children. It is a condition that has been estimated to affect a total of three to nine percent of all children in the United States. This condition is sometimes a lifelong condition. If it is undiagnosed, it can also cause many problems in one’s adult life as described above.

However, there are some common symptoms that can appear in both sexes. This can include the following:

  • Ã?· Hyperactivity
  • Ã?· Lack of focus
  • Ã?· Impulsive behavior
  • Ã?· Feeling overly emotional or acting overly emotional
  • Ã?· Inattentiveness
  • Ã?· Forgetfulness
  • Ã?· Boredom
  • Ã?· Lack of Organization
  • Ã?· Daydreaming

Both women and men can be treated and diagnosed with ADHD, even later in life. This treatment will usually begin with the adult talking with a doctor and then a counselor. They will have to be honest about their feelings and their life. They will have to share their thoughts and their feelings with the doctors. They should also try to remember if any of the feelings they are experiencing now can be traced back to how they felt as a child.

There are several shades or forms of ADHD. The two main forms are known as Hyperactive-impulsive form and inattentive form. The hyperactive-impulsive form is the most pronounced form and the easiest form to diagnose.

If an adult is diagnosed with ADHD, treatment can include a variety of medications and life style coaching. A life coach can teach the adult how to become better organized and how to deal with their emotions in a better way.

However, what an adult shouldn’t do is ignore their ADHD symptoms and wait for them to vanish. If they have been having these symptoms since child-hood the chances are that they will never vanish on their own. They can be managed, though. They can be managed with the right help and by recognizing that the symptoms are part of a health condition that the person has.

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