Money Over Nature

I’ll start off by saying I personally know what its like to deal with crippling symptoms of disorders from all the anxiety and stresses of life. I know tons of people personally who have dealt with different disorders that make life feel like a nightmare instead of the dream we all wish it to be. I have done a great deal of research on natural ways to help people through the scary and upsetting things they are feeling, because I would love for the world to become more aware of what our earth can provide for them. Think about how many people in this world take a pill for this symptom or for that feeling. Unfortunately, our “system” seems to be a lot more focused on the money its making then the well being of its people. So our society has learned to believe “this is the only way out”.

If you look on the internet for a “natural cure” for depression and anxiety you will see a lot of different herbal and natural supplements. A lot of people get excited over it, but so many people turn away from it just because they here some reviews saying it didn’t work for them or because we have all these pills that have become so mainstream and there is not (as) much research on the supplements. Even though pills just the same, don’t always work for each person. Often people are even told by their own doctors and families ” that’s not going to work”, ” its just a plant”. Things along that nature. Well I’m just one of many out there who believe that with some more work, intelligence, care and energy put into this field that these ” plain ol’ plants” could work miracles.

They have done many blind studies showing different supplements working almost or just as well as a prescription, with little or no side effects. Most of us know the scary side effects that can come along with all the different “cut, cooked and mixed” chemicals they put in all of them. Now, believe me, we have come along way, I’m not here to point fingers and put every prescription down, I know that many of them have saved people and done great things for mankind. But I, and many others believe that with the knowledge we already have and with great minds working towards something so incredibly beneficial, what a grand outcome we could have for a safer, yet effective future.

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