Courage in America

The legacy of America can be condensed into one word: Courage. Throughout history, many individuals who dared to speak up against injustices that have shaped America’s character. Cooperation and synergy among those courageous individuals and those they inspire has forged many American principles and helped to make the country.

It is not enough to search for truth and justice. It is equally, if not more, important to share them with people and teach them what you have learned in your journey. It was in this way that America began to take shape – through public movements and battles between different ideologies.

Consider Henry Ford, Martin Luther King Jr., Theodore Roosevelt, and Bill Gates. What do these four brilliant minds have in common? They are all vivid examples of how one man’s dream is enough to shape world history. But their dreams would be dead by now if it were not for the colossal social movements that perpetuated their ideas. Would Christianity be as widespread as it is now if not for the Church and the millions of people that are keeping it alive?

In the end, those efforts of the rugged individuals that stepped forward and led the way are being maintained and kept alive by many others, as a team. They may have started the flame with a spark, but their dreams are forever burning and resonating throughout American history.

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