Create More Room in Your Kitchen by Organizing Your Cupboards

When it comes to our kitchens, it seems that over time we place so much clutter in all of the cabinets that we begin to lose cupboard space. Here, we started out with about 30 cupboards and now we use about 6 of them because all the cupboards are full of paperwork. This eventually leads to problems because you have a very large kitchen but now you are limited to a certain number of cupboards that you can use to hold your groceries. The main purchase of a kitchen is to display and hold all of your food. A kitchen is not the place for a lot of clutter or paperwork. In order to create more room in your kitchen you will want to clean up all of the clutter.

The first thing that you want to do is remove everything from the cupboards, except for the cupboards that you want to keep your glasses, plates and silverware inside of. If you know you will place these items back into specific cupboards, you will want to leave these items where they are. If you are having a hard time fitting all of your plates or glass in the cupboard you might want to think about getting rid of some plates or glasses. Perhaps half of your cupboard is full of large vases that you never use and you want to get rid of them. You want to create as much open space as possible in your cupboards and then keep them organized.

Your kitchen will be a huge mess after removing everything from the cupboards. You will want to designate certain cupboards for certain things. You will always want at least one junk drawer for papers because if you don’t have one junk drawer, every drawer will turn into your junk drawer. You will want to maximize the space with each cupboard. Clean off everything from above your fridge so that you are able to get into the cupboards that are located above your fridge.

If you have a pantry you will also want to clean out the pantry while you clean out your cupboards. Pantries will often times turn into a spot where all the appliances are kept such as bread makers and toasters. This is fine and this is where the appliances belong if they do not fit on the counter. This should not be a place where old food is hidden. Take your time and throw away old food and food you haven’t touched and wont touch. Remove all of the items that should be located in your bathroom and place them there. Remember to get rid of everything that doesn’t belong in your kitchen.

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