Top Basic Plumbing Tools for Most Plumbing Repairs

First you will need a tool box or bag to keep up with everything. I like the open type organizer bags best. They are easy to get to at a glance. Here is a list of most tools you need for most all repairs.

Medium pair of slip-joint pliers –12″
Small pair of slip-joint pliers — 8″
Medium Cresent or adjustable wrench –12″
Small adjustable wrench — 6″
Screwdriver — Phillips and flat. I prefer a 6-in one screwdriver. It is probably all you will ever need.
Medium set of fold-able Allen wrenches
A Basin wrench — a necessity
Basic pair of needle nose pliers
Basic pipe wrench — about a 12-15″
Good flashlight — tri-pod or one that will stand up work great.
Pair of good, not cheap tubing cutters. Get a adjustable pair that fit up to 1″. not the c-clamp kind.
Pair of PVC cutters — ratchet type
Decent Hacksaw — just medium price line

You don’t have to buy brand names, The store brands work just as well and save considerable expense.

This is also most of the tools you will need for most any home repairs also. Unless you want to learn to solder copper pipes don’t buy a torch. It takes considerable practice and I don’t recommend the average DIY’r to do it. There are many mechanical fittings that are easy to use.

If these tools seem foreign to you, take the list to your Home Center or hardware store and they will be happy to help you round them up. You will probably spend around 100.00 dollars for the tools listed.

You can catch a lot of them on sale for less. Or buy the first six items on the list and buy the others as you need them.

You will now have a basic tool set to tackle most all plumbing repairs around the house. Also for most general repairs, electrical, replace door knobs, even minor auto repairs. While this list is by no means complete, it will get you started to complete many home repairs.

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