Review of Damprid and Fresh Air

There can be no household product, that is more boring than Damprid. Some might argue that caulk or carpenter glue has less luster, but they are glamorous and exciting compared towards a room freshener. Those two items are removed from a cabinet a couple of times a year, while the Damprid toils in loneliness in a spare bedroom closet. It languishes in obscurity, hoping to get a chance to fulfill more than a unassuming role in home maintenance.

Okay, stop the violins! I’m actually starting to get a bit depressed here, and its ridiculous for any personalization of a household product. While DampRid is nothing fancy, it is designed to perform a number of duties. This refillable freshener, which weighs in a 12 oz, removes excessive amounts of moisture from the air. This is supposed to help in the reduction of mold and mildew, and in cutting down odor amounts. According to the DampRid Website,, this product even creates healthier air.

I have this DampRid container in my downstairs bedroom, and it was easy to set up. All you have to do is remove the lid, pour the DampRid pellets into the bucket, and place it into the desired location. It lasts for a month, and according to the DampRid bucket, it will produce desired effects for an area of 150 sq feet. I have it on the top shelf, and its about time I replaced it. The pellets have almost completely dissolved.

This product seems to work, as my closet does not seem to have the almost dungeon like qualities that it had before. While this hurts my life like experiences of the Tower of London in my house, it has made retrieving household items more enjoyable. There are no mildew or mold issues in the closet, and that is a plus for my allergies.(This has been a problem in one closet in the basement, and I am going to place another DampRid bucket in there.) The items in my closet seem unaffected by this product, but it is salt based, so be sure to keep metallic and leather items away from it. If not, you will be dealing with some serious corrosion issues.

DampRid is not a messy product, and will not be as long as the bucket container is kept upright. If you spill it, the instructions state wiping with a damp towel should correct any problems. At the end of its service life, there is a fair amount of water residue left over in the bottom. So if you do spill it, you might want to use a fairly large towel. While I would not recommend drinking it, as salt is known to increase blood pressure, it is necessary to rinse your mouth, drink water, and contact a physician or poison control center if ingested. Its probably not as dangerous as listening to Captain and Tenillle’s “Love Will Keep Us Together,” but you might also want to keep it away from your eyes. Apparently, exposure to this product can lead to eye irritation.

I am quite happy with DampRid, as it has done a good job on my bedroom closet. I am going to purchase another two buckets this week, and think this is a product that does make a difference. It certainly is not exciting, but it gets the job done in removing mold and mildew. It has made the air quality in my closet a little bit better, and so I believe it has performed as advertised. It can be purchased for $5.99 at home improvement stores.

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