Creating the Right Look with Frieze Moldings

In both classic and modern architecture, frieze moldings have been known to enhance the look of any room. Unlike basic molding, frieze moldings are usually highly adorned with detailed carvings and woodwork. They are usually used as a compliment to crown or cove molding, but are still beautiful on their own. It is a perfect way to add height and dimension to a room without adding projection to the walls, or ceiling.

Installing frieze molding, is much like the method for cove molding, using the screw and glue technique, except there is no strike off since the moldings lie flat against the wall. You must make sure you line up the embellishments on the molding or it will be uneven and out of sorts. This additional cutting will result in more waste so buy accordingly . (adding a good amount MORE than what you think you will need.) Patching the seams will create a seamless look.

Keep these tips in mind when planning your layout.

Placement. Installing the molding a few inches below the ceiling by itself will create a border which in turn will reduce the look of height to high ceiling rooms.

Finishing. You can finish the molding by painting or giving a faux finish before installing or after, whichever is best for your project. But keep in mind that if you plan on sealing any seams and nail holes then you’ll want to finish the molding after the whole project is done.

Storing. Always store molding in a dry room. Humidity can do no good for you and will only create problems with warping and expansion.

Surface preparation. Clean surface of wall a few days before installing so you know its dry and clean of all particles.

Whenever cutting keep the old adage: measure twice and cut once, in mind. when in doubt cut longer. since you can always trim excess off but a piece too short is always too short.

And always remember to work in a well ventilated room whenever dealing with dusts, paints or glues.

Thanks to Home Depot for talking me through the parts i needed help with and for their great selection of moldings available, bot unfinished and finished.

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