Creative Houseplant Display: Create an Indoor Garden Oasis

Would you love to be surrounded by dozens of houseplants but you don’t want to buy tiered stands or tables? You can have the houseplants you want, and you don’t need expensive tiered stands or extra tables. There are creative ways to display plants, and these creative ways will provide your plants with plenty of light while adding a great deal of interest and natural appeal to your home decor.

Ceramic Tile Indoor Garden

Large and small plants alike can be placed on the floor as long as they’ll receive plenty of light, but setting houseplants on the floor isn’t always practical since pots can spring leaks and saucers sometimes overflow. Take the proper precautions beforehand and you can set plants on the floor without the worry of stains and water damage. This creative display will look great, and your floor will be well protected from water and stains.

Make this creative houseplant display by first lying plastic on the floor in front of a window that receives plenty of light. A clear plastic tarp works great for protecting all types of flooring.

Next, arrange twelve-inch ceramic tiles over the plastic. Line up the tiles parallel to the wall, and create an area as large or as small as you want. Trim away any excess plastic, and arrange your houseplants so they receive adequate light.

Window Shelves

Have you always wanted a garden window but you don’t want the expense or hassle of window replacement? You can have a garden window, and you can do it yourself. Although this window won’t extend beyond your house like a typical garden window, it will serve a useful purpose while making a creative and clever display for small houseplants.

If your windows are inset and deep enough, you can make wood shelf supports that attach to the wall between the window and the frame. Plexiglas shelving can be slid onto the supports, and plants can be placed on this creative window display.

Windows that are flush with the wall can still be equipped with shelves for small houseplants. Simply paint shelving hardware to match the walls, and install them next to the vertical window trim. Place wood or Plexiglas shelves across the window, and set small houseplants on the shelves.

Glass Blocks and Shelves

Before considering glass shelving that sits on the floor, keep in mind that glass poses a serious threat to children and pets that climb. If you opt for glass shelving for display houseplants, warn children old enough to understand the danger posed by glass, and always supervise small kids and pets in rooms with glass tabletops and shelving.

Glass shelves supported by glass blocks make a lovely and creative houseplant display, and they are available in a variety of beautiful colors. Check with your local home improvement store or glass dealer for available options.

Simply choose clear or colored glass blocks and glass or Plexiglas shelving. Apply glass adhesive to the blocks, and attach shelving of your choice. Allow the adhesive to dry completely.

Place the glass block shelf unit in front of a sunny window, and display your favorite houseplants. This is certainly one of the most creative ways to display houseplants while adding style and beauty to your home.

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