Creative Storage Techniques for the Home

For years, I battled with storage, always running out of places to keep childhood toys, paperwork, and memorabilia. There are always things that we’d rather not display, but also can’t bear to part with. If you are struggling with places for storage, or if you just need to get organized, here are some helpful (and inexpensive) hints.

1. Hanging Shelves

You’ve seen these little storage helpers at the store, but if you haven’t tried them out, then you might want to rethink your decision. Hanging shelves are great for the interior doors of closets and bedrooms so that things can stay out of your way, but remain easily accessible. If you are a shoe hog, you can store shoes in the little slots, or you can stack towels, sheets, blankets, or even paperwork. They keep things out of your way, and are also aesthetically appealing.

2. Underbed Storage Bags

These resemble body bags, but if you can get over that image, underbed storage bags are great for storing mass quantities of items that you don’t use and don’t want displayed for the world to see. They’re usually around 40” long and 6” tall, which means that they can go under twin beds as well as larger models. If you have a king size bed, then two will fit underneath. They come with a zippered edge for easy closing, and are less bulky than boxes.

3. Canvas Storage Totes

These are attractive, stackable totes that can be used to store anything from paperwork to childhood toys. They can be stacked in closets or on shelves, and are easily accessible should you need to rifle through for something you need. Some come with lids, which are great for keepings things dry and safe from bugs, and with handles so they are easy to carry.

4. Plastic Rolling Carts

Three-to-five tiered rolling carts are wonderful to organize your home or office. They have pull-out drawers can hold lots of stuff, and they are detachable. I have two sets: one that I use in my office, and the other for under the bed. If you disassemble the drawers, they can be slid under beds and furniture for maximum storage space. Plus, they have rollers, for easy manuverability.

5. Wire Storage Cubes

I love these for bedrooms when nightstands just aren’t enough. Wire storage cubes can be used as display cases or as storage, and are detatchable for preference in arrangements. They come in black, white, gray, and red, and in different sizes. If you get a large size, you can combine them with the canvas totes to make more compact storage space.

6. Pot, Pan & Utensil Racks

Kitchens are always one of the forgotten in organization, but if you find yourself running out of storage space, try a ceiling-mounted rack. Your pots, pans and utensils can hang above an island or stove for easy storage and accessability. You can find these in all shapes and colors, and most are around $40.00.

7. Toy Chests

If you have children and are tired of tripping over stuffed animals and action figures, get a toy chest for your children. You can find them in all colors and designs, and they are a great tool for teaching children responsibility. Make it a requirement for your kids to put away their toys when they are finished with them, and you won’t have problems with tripping anymore!

8. Armoire-Desks

If your home office is in the living room or other visible room, you might not want the clutter to be seen by guests and friends. Armoire desks are new and very fashionable, and they close up when you are through so that they look like a regular armoire. You can find them in all different grains of wood and color stains, and they make cleaning much easier for last-minute jobs.

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